Successful Business Symposium panel discussions and keynotes as part of NATS 2013 Sambaralu in Dallas



NATS(North America Telugu Society) organized its convention Sambaralu 2013 at Irving Convention Centre, Irving, Texas and made the event a grand success. As part of the convention NATS conducted Business Symposium to help entrepreneurs, technology professionals, health care professionals & startup enthusiasts. Unlike earlier Sambaralu this time NATS conducted in exceptional way by involving successful entrepreneurs and industrialists from various sectors. AP Assembly Speaker Hon. Nadella Monohar Garu, attended as chief guest and shared encouragement of Andhra Pradesh government for SMEs and invited entrepreneurs to expand their business in Andhra Pradesh. Attendees well appreciated speeches from keynote speakers like Dr. M.S.Reddy(a.k.a Cheese Reddy), Dayakar Puskoor(Naya Ventures), Dr. R. Murali Krishna(Integris), N.T Chowdary(Nextwave Tech) & Sumanth Paturu(MD, ICOMM Tele Ltd), Pradip Kumar(Sri Krishna Jewelers) who shared their success stories.

Panel discussion on Emerging Technologies attracted technology professionals who were interested to know more about Mobile, Cloud and Big Data technologies.  Panelists included are Dayakar Puskoor(Naya Ventures), Anil Soleti(Verizon), Bhaskar Krishnamshetty(Clouopia/Cisco), Kishore Dandu(Accenture), Prashant Achota(Epscilon) & Josh Fleig (Lousiana Economic Development Council). Gowri Shankar from Naya Ventures Moderated this panel discussion.

Panel discussion on Startups & Harvesting attracted technology entrepreneurs who are looking forward to start new startups and get funding.  Panelists included are Raju Datla (Clouopia/Cisco), Kishore Kumar(Parvi Networks/Cisco), Ravi Chivukula(Allen Systems), Giri Peddinti(Ansell) -  Mahesh Rajagoplan from Resolveit  Moderated this panel discussion.

Panel discussion on Entrepreneurship attracted audience who are looking forward to start new venture and looked at the panel as guidance for strategy and focus.  Panelists included are Richard Tozer, Don Springer, Dr. Yoram Solomon - Raj Asava from Asava Consulting moderated this panel discussion.



Panel discussion on Healthcare attracted various health care professionals, healthcare business owners and enthusiasts.  Panelists included are Dr. Sambamurthy Kona, Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy, Phil Leamon, Philip Keane & Raji Kumar  -  Rao Telidevara from Qatalys moderated this panel discussion.

Acharya  G. Veda Bhaskaram discussed about stress management and relaxation techniques for executives.

Business Symposium is organized and supported by Sudhakar Pennam, Poorna Vemulapalli, Dayakar Puskoor, Rao Telidevara, Gopi Kandukuri and Sandeep Kilaru.

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