Share Your Diet with your best friends   With any endeavor to lose weight, most women think they need to go on a diet, says Lisa Sanders, MD, a clinician-educator in primary care at Yale University and author of The Perfect Fit Diet. But that's not exactly true. A diet is simply what you eat, which means you're already on one. That diet either works for you so you achieve and maintain the weight you want, or it doesn't. The real secret to eating healthier and losing weight is finding a diet you can stick to – one that suits your tastes and lifestyle. You need to help you find your own personal diet strategy. If you are the one who turns to friends and pros for answers Your ideal diet & weight loss plan involves plenty of support from women who've been there - sharing your battles with chocolate fudge and meeting you for late-night walks around the block. Check out weight loss programs that meet weekly for fun, camaraderie, and tips on nutrition, or go the fitness route and join an aerobics or Pilates class with a core group of members. Sessions with a personal trainer can give you regular, one-on-one help with your unique weight loss demons. If you're a stellar follower, but not so good at coming up with methods yourself, choose a diet plan that offers sample meals and grocery lists, says Suzanne Farrell, MS, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and owner of Cherry Creek Nutrition in Denver. Or start your own diet support group, choosing dependable friends who actually have time to offer weight loss help and won't let you get away with making excuses. A group of three or four friends can keep you firmly on the fitness wagon even when one member can't show up. Designate a leader, set a plan of attack and be sure to let your supporters know exactly what you need most from them, whether it's gentle encouragement or the toughest of love.

Value of Drinking Water   Right Diet || Value of Water : Watch  Dr Brindavani, Nutritionist speak about the importance of drinking water.She speaks about the right quantity of water to be had, based on the age and weight of a person. The metabolism factor plays an important role in how much water your drink and it is important that you make drinking water a discipline.  

Yoga Solutions for Neck Pain     Yoga For Neck Pain Solutions by Dr. C.V. Rao: Watch Swdharma Yogi, Dr. C.V. Rao of the Kapila Maharshi Yoga Kendram explain various Yoga exercises for Neck Pain Problems which are sitting in front of the Computer regularly, for those with Spondylosis , Vertigo , Giddiness  and other neck problems.

Health Benefits with 'Rasam'   Right Diet || Health Benefits with 'Rasam' ||  Watch Dr Brindavani, talk about the health benefits of eating -Rasam a flavored soup made with tomatoes, tamarind etc. This traditional South Indian soup has micro nutrients and water content which helps us in digestion, cleansing and also helps in reducing fat.  

Right Diet for Glowing skin   Right Diet || ‪Foods For Beautiful Glowing Skin Watch our Nutrition Expert Dr. Brindavani, talk about what you should eat to have glowing skin, hair and complexion. She talks about the importance of having essential foods like milk, nuts, dates, pineapples etc., for teenagers. The emphasis is on micro nutrients which are necessary for healthy skin and hair for growing teens.

What to avoid in the Gym Routine   Those who have incorporated a healthy lifestyle and head to the gym to stay fit do a lot of planning so that their schedule stays uninterrupted and hassle free. Here are a few things to avoid so that you can have comfortable routine and enjoy your gym time. ·  Avoid uncomfortable gear ·  Don’t wear old and smelly gym clothes. ·  Avoid ill fitting, loose pants which you need to keep pulling up every time you bend. ·  Avoid wearing normal bras or too tight ones that constrict your breathing. ·  Please don’t wear cleavage revealing, tight gym clothes which not only distract you but also your fellow gym mates, (especially if you are in unisex gym).We don’t need unwarranted attention. ·  Avoid wearing worn out ear buds when you are listening to your iPod where you have to keep readjusting  them. Buy a good quality headphones · Plan and time your gym sessions so that you don’t end waiting for machines to become free and delay your time. · If the place is a constraint and there are too many people you could consider getting your small equipment which you can carry, like resistance bands,  kettle bell, a mat, some dumbbells, or jump rope and not wait around for the person to finish and you get your turn. ·  Avoid any kind of impolite or offending behavior at the gym. If someone is behaving like that quickly bring it to your Gym instructor/owners notice and they will take care of the issue. Don’t get into any altercations which can spoil your mood and others and cause any unpleasantness. Work out, make friends, enjoy your gym routine and stay in shape –Both in health and mind!  

Bridge pose for the Glutes    The Gluteus muscles or to simply put it the buttocks are quite tough to go. There is one particular exercise which can be done any time at home or while simply lying down in front of the TV called the Bridge Pose which is a yogic posture and highly beneficial for strengthening the glute muscles and also help in reducing them. How to Do It: Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, feet parallel on the floor and hip-distance apart. Once you have settled in, press your feet evenly into the mat and lift your spine off of the floor, pressing your hips up. Scoop your tailbone under, and if you like, wriggle up onto the shoulders, interlacing the fingers and clasping the hands underneath you. Slowly lower down, one vertebra at a time. Benefits: For those who cannot hold the pose, can use a block, which supports you and eases weight from the shoulders. It will be helpful in holding this position for five deep breaths. If that's easy for you to maintain, try raising your right leg for five breaths and repeating on your left leg.  

What you think you eat also matters   Research says that not only what we eat that affects our bodies but also what we think we're eating that matters. As per the new anecdotal research from Alia Crum, a clinical psychologist at Columbia Business School in New York who discovered this new habit by the human brain. Crum was interested in the way that a particular hormone called ghrelin operated in our bodies. Ghrelin's known as the hunger hormone, because it lets the body know when it's time to seek out food. When ghrelin levels in the stomach rise, it signals to the brain that it's time to eat food. When you satiate your ghrelin levels, your hunger drops and your metabolism kicks into gear to burn the calories that you've just consumed.  To test her theory about the brain's role in ghrelin production, Crum had volunteers drink two drinks -- one was labeled as a dessert drink called Indulgence with around 620 per bottle, the other was labeled a low-cal drink called Sensishake, advertised as only having 140 calories, zero fat, and zero added sugar. The trick? Both beverages were actually made from the same vanilla milkshake mix containing around 300 calories per serving.  Amazingly, the people who believed they were drinking Indulgence produced way less ghrelin than those that produced the sensible shake. That's to say -- when people thought they were eating more calories, their ghrelin production responded in kind. The takeaway? If you believe you're eating a heavy, calorie-rich meal, your hormones will back that up and behave in kind.

Habitual and Mixed Diet     Watch this video on Mixed Diet by Dr Brindavani, Nutritionist. She speaks about the usual mixed diet that we regularly have and the importance of a right diet where there should a be healthy mix of vegetables, pulses and grains.

Diet and Exercise during Puberty   Watch Dr Padmaja Prasad our Nutrition expert talk about the right diet and exercise to be taken during Puberty. She talks about the importance of the right & nutritious food to be taken when child attains puberty. The right amount of calcium, hemoglobin, iron, vitamins and other nutrients are extremely important along with exercise for a child to grow healthily during the puberty phase.

Save your Knees and Stay Fit   Knees are one of the important joints of our body which bear our weight. As we grow older the wear and tear also sets in. For those blessed with good health and are not overweight as they age it is important to incorporate a good diet and exercise to keep the whole body in tune and healthy. Apart from regular exercises you could do these few exercises to keep your knees from creaking and stay fit. These exercises can be done at home and at work and just by doing a few repetitions of these simple knee exercises every day you are ready to go!   Up the Stairs- Step-Up Place your left foot on the first step of a stairway and your hand on the wall or railing for balance. Slowly step up onto your left foot so you are standing tall on the step with your left foot, and your right foot's off the ground. Hold for a second, and then step back down off the step onto your right foot, so there's no weight on your left foot. Repeat up to 6 times. If Reverse legs, and repeat up to 6 times.     Sit  Up and Down Sit in a firm, armless chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms crossed or loose at your sides. Slowly stand up, using deliberate, controlled movements, until you reach your full height. Hold for a few seconds, and then slowly sit down again. Repeat this exercise for about 1 minute. Note: Check your knees -- when going up or down, they should never move forward beyond your toes. Knee Extensions Sit in a firm chair with your feet on the floor and your arms loose at the sides. Lift on leg up till it is extended straight at the Knee level. Hold for 10 to 15 secs and slowly bring it down. Repeat with the other leg. You can do 5 to 10 repetitions. Apart from these exercises the number-one secret for happy knees is to stay at a healthy weight. Every extra KG you gain puts extra f pressure on your knees when you walk .

Nutrition Tips for Working Women   Watch our Nutrition expert Dr Padmaja Prasad give tips as to how to maintain the right diet for women who are working and find difficulty in eating food on time. She speaks about the common problems like acidity and low vitamin D and calcium levels among women and how to avoid these problems apart from weight  gain.

Right Diet   Watch Nutritionist, Dr. Brindavani from Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad  speak about the  Right Diet to follow and how to reduce carbohydrates from your food and also find a healthy alternate to your regular diet. She speaks about the importance of a healthy diet and how much to eat as you grow older.  

  Reduce the Muffin top   Excess Belly fat that gathers on the belly in the shape of a muffin can be exceeding odd to look and tough to reduce. The muffin top can also lead to medical conditions like stroke, heart diseases, BP and sometimes diabetes too. With a calorie free diet and regular exercise you can quickly reduce this flab. Presenting a 3-point exercise program to reduce the muffin top: Cardio- Step: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests doing 150 to 300 minutes of moderate cardio per week. Engage in cardio activities like bicycling, jogging, swimming or exercising on an elliptical machine or stair climber. HIIT Step: Incorporate high-intense interval training, also known as HIIT, in to your cardiovascular workout sessions. HIIT boosts your metabolism for hours after finishing your workout, resulting in more calories burned. Strength Step : Strength training maintains and increases muscle tissue, which uses up more energy than fat to sustain itself. You burn more calories, even after finishing your workout. Target all your major muscle groups with two to three sets of each exercise and eight to 12 repetitions per set. Apart from the above you can also add different exercises to your routine like circuit training, which increases your caloric burn. During circuit training you're doing a series of strength-training exercises without resting in between sets. You can combine both cardio and strength training.

Fitness Secret Of Bipasha Basu       Among all Bollywood heroines, Bipasha Basu is one of the most fittest lady. Her stats have always been a source of envy and a dream of every girl and that is 36-28-36. The 5 feet 8 inches dusky beauty maintains a strict fitness regime. Her food habits are disciplined and her daily routine is also organized. Bipasha works out in the following pattern.  1. Treadmill - 20 Minutes 2. Cycling - 20 Minutes 3. Cross Trainer - 10 Minutes.  Bipasha takes a day off from the entire week.  Day 1 - Upper Body Workout Day 2 - Concentration on abs Day 3 - Lower Body and Legs Workout Day 4 - A fixed gluteus regime Day 5 - Upper Body Workout again Day 6 - A combo of abs and gluteus exercise  Bipasha's Diet :  Egg whites in whichever form possible, steamed fish, nuts, green tea, vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms etc. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water for a glowing beautiful skin. 

Pray to get rid of our flabby arms     Flabby upper arms are the toughest part to work on and the last to go for those working out on a weight loss program. We have to admit it that they are a bit stubborn to work on. There are many exercises to get rid of those flabby arms like arm stretches, vigorous rolling of the hands and the classic windmill rotation where you move your arms like the fans of a windmill. Another exercise which can be done anywhere, at home, at work, at the park or if you are simply doing nothing is the Prayer Pose exercise. This exercise is highly effective  on the upper arms and is easy to do. The Prayer Pose Exercise Join your hands in a praying pose above your head. Bring your joined palms down to the front of your chest. Raise your joined hands again and repeat this up down motion. Joining the hands together like you are greeting a person with a Namasthe, engages your triceps and when you move your hand up and down will help you work on your biceps. The combined effect will help in toning your arms. But this has to be done in a set of 30 to 40 repetitions each, for you to have the desired results. You need to feel the burn in your upper arms which is an indication that you are doing it correctly. If you are doing Yoga/exercise early in the morning, you could try combining this exercise as another Salutation to the Sun!

Summer Pool - Fitness   Summer is the best time to  work out and lose weight and Swimming is one great way to that. Splash ,swim and work out with no fancy gadgets .All you need is a swim suit and if your are sacred of water –it doesn’t matter , just stick to the shallow side. But you never know you could also end up learning how to swim and for those who already know, it’s time to brush up the other styles of swimming. When it comes to working out in the pool first get in and get accustomed to the water. After walking around you could start by holding on to the side bar/rod of the pool and work on kicking your legs - do flutter kicks and frog kicks. You can also use the edge of the pool to keep your balance while doing leg lifts to work the muscles on your tummy, legs and bottom. Do 10 sets each of lifting your leg in front of you, to the side, and behind you. Run in the water to increase your heart rate. If you think you are going to lose balance and fall just hold on to the rod. And if you do just hold your breath and you will get back up. While standing you could also do vigorous jumping and twisting while holding the rod for improving your muscle strength. Face up and hold the rod and cycle in the water .You could increase the push and test yourself as to how fast you can do this.The added advantage is that you wont feel the pressure on your knees and it is good for people who are slightly on the heavier side. Enjoy Summer and splash in the pool along with your friends or kids and also get into shape!

 Freeze your fat away    A new way to cut down your fat by freezing away fat.This process called  cryolipolysis, uses cold instead of heat to break down fat cells. It has been around for a few years but the latest treatment uses a new technology to make it more effective and pain-free. The ProShock Ice combines two technologies to eliminate fat and tighten skin.  First, a small plate-like device is placed directly on to the skin over the areas to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This process destroys the fat cells which are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks. The second stage of the treatment uses high-pressure acoustic waves to smooth and tighten the skin. To derive good results you need to take a course of four to six treatments and not to forget mentioning, pay a bomb for this treatment. Source: