Improve your Running Tempo

If you are the avid runner or jogger and used to having your favourite tunes playing on your mobile especially if it is a iPhone , news is that they have designed an app that is extremely easy to use and allows you to accommodate every aspect of your fitness routine and track it. An easy fun app called the TempoRun has become one of the easiest ways to check how you’re running or jogging routine helps your cardiovascular activity.

It can be synced with your iTunes library and even if you don’t have any songs in your songs library it has streaming TempoRadio powered by SoundCloud, which provides thousands of songs pre- categorized by tempo and genre Best of all, it also functions as a pedometer that tracks your performance, records the workout history and helps you improve upon your previous best time.

It lets you tap out song's tempos yourself with its innovative beats per minute (BPM) tapper to make sure your beats are perfect. It categorizes your existing music library into different tempo levels 1-10, with 1 being a walk, 5 being a jog, and 10 being a sprint.

It lets you know how far you have run, for how long or the number of calories you burned? The user profile displays all relevant running statistics such as distance, time and calories burned.