Benefits of Meditation- 4 Physical Health



In the final of the Benefits of Meditation-4 series, we see how meditation can yield physical health and recovery along with self-healing benefits to be found as well. Studies show that for those struggling to recover from addictions, meditation is a powerful tool that helps an individual find the peace, calm, and mindfulness required to break the cycle. It can also help the body produce the hormones and natural chemicals needed to fill the void that addiction creates. Meditation also helps those who have struggled with long-term illnesses to find their center again and give the body the healing it needs.

Surgical patients, as well, have found that meditation can be an easy way to stimulate blood flow, healthy enzyme and hormone production, and trigger those pain-fighting genes. Pain medications, ice packs, and rest can take a patient part of the way back from a major surgery, but the meditative aspect should be present to ensure total healing inside and out. These self-repair mechanisms make up what is often referred to as the parasympathetic nervous system, the direct opposing force to the stress-induced sympathetic nervous system. When this force is activated in the body, healing can begin and the body can be both repaired and protected from future threats. The body’s natural healing energy is triggered by meditation and can give a powerful boost to an individual’s journey to recovery.

Rest, relaxation, and meditation can all contribute to a healthy and speedy recovery from surgery. Dr. George Bitar, MD, of Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute , Virginia ,knows the importance of coaching his patients from the consultation through the surgery and throughout the essential recovery period following it. He often recommends using meditation and similar natural therapies to encourage the body’s natural healing process to bring the body back to where it was, if not better than ever before.