Fitness with sticks and dance


A new form of exercise called Pound, where a  Los Angeles-based workout created by two fitness buffs  Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza where you use drumsticks instead of the typical free weight for exercising. The difference is that the sticks used called RipStix weigh a pound each and are the movements are like you are drumming on a drum pad. Only that you would be drumming hard either in the air or on the floor and tapping your way to a toner body.

According to Peerenboom and Potenza, “striking the ground and simulating drumming allows the participant to hear and see the body working symmetrically in form and exertion. This teaming of sound and motion is absent from all other workouts available today.” And because of this non-stop motion, you can sweat and burn up to 900 calories during an hour-long class.

Now after reading this you might think of something familiar which we Indians have been doing since ages. Yes! The Traditional Kolatam in South India and the Dandia in North India. The amount of practice put in to perfect these steps paramount’s to a fantastic work out and there is no need to limit this to the festival times. You can form a group of friends, put on some foot tapping Bollywood numbers and do these dance exercises. Innovate the hand and leg movements and increase and decrease the tempo for an effective workout. But remember to increase the weight of the sticks for the added toning of the arms and enjoy the benefits of a well-toned body.