How to Stay “fit-motivated”

We set targets to lose weight in the beginning of the year and in the middle of the year and in the end of the year and the same next year! Ever examined why you tend to waver form your set targets. The reasons could be many, I can’t wake up that early or I cheated and I don’t have the time- are some of the basic reasons why we deter from a set path. Try these few tips to stay focused on your motivation plan.

1. Focus on diet. See your new diet and exercise regime as a lifestyle change, rather than a way to lose weight. This will help you steer clear of your old, bad habits.

2. Don’t deprive yourself. The moment you start to deprive yourself of something, you start to crave it more .Instead, allow yourself a little bit of something high on calorie but you really love from once in a while, but make sure to limit your intake.

3. Reasonable goals. Trying to achieve too much in a small amount of time can even be detrimental to your weight loss results. Work out how much you need to lose and strive to do it slowly, but surely.

4. Chart your progress. Don’t weigh yourself every day but do it when you feel the lightness and write the number down. Then whenever you feel discouraged, just go through the past number and appreciate yourself to see your long-term progress which in turn will help to boost your motivation.

5. Fall and rise again. Don't beat yourself up about a piece of cake you cheated on or a missed workout session. It doesn't erase all of the hard work, so just pick yourself up where you left off and move on.

6. Visualization techniques. As part of the holistic approach you have the concept of creative visualization which you can use to your benefit. For example. If there's an outfit you used to love that you no longer fits , hang it up in your bedroom or a place you see all the time. Focus on it and visualize yourself wearing it and fitting into it. This will help boost your determination and act as a positive auto suggestion !