Benefits of Meditation-3 Mental Health


Stress isn’t the only emotional or mental state that can benefit from regular meditation. In fact, many psychologists and therapists often recommend meditation to their patients to help them heal their own emotional troubles. When we meditate, the mind is cleared of emotions and thoughts, giving us time to heal ourselves in a way. Your state of mind becomes something you can alter and change, because once you have the power to clear it away, you learn that you have the power to choose how you feel about different aspects of your life. In this way, meditation can be a very self-empowering practice that gives people the control over their emotions and the ability to choose positive thoughts over negative, optimism over cynicism. 

Sometimes referred to as emotional pollution, bad thoughts can be banished by choice once a person has grown in their meditative experiences. When we speak of good mental health this in turn affects out physical state of being and keeps us healthy and happy. The adage which is often told is a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Even though many of us know the power of meditation we don’t practice it as we feel that it requires a time and place for it. Meditation is a state of being which one can acquire sitting anywhere. Be it your home, office or a garden. The benefits of mediation plays a major role in our mental health.