5 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid



Learn from these 5 common mistakes in order to prevent falling away from your 2 months past-New year resolution! It helps with loss of motivation. 

1. Focusing on just one aspect of wellness: To achieve a total wellness goal, its important to follow a complete program which includes nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular exercises-all leading to a "synergy" effect that produces maximum results.

2. Not cleaning up a wrong diet first: The first step towards the goal should be correct healthy diet and nutrition. Instead if we start off with the exercise routine, but still continue eating high fat, caloric food, we will be where they started, except for the tiresome effort. 

A good nutritious diet will increase body energy. This prepares the body for more intense exercise, and we will feel better while still working out.  Remember that meals can't just be healthy--they must be a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats. Vitamin/mineral supplementation is also important to ensure we get the required amounts of essential micro nutrients and antioxidants.

3. Going too fast: Our body needs time to adjust to the sudden exercise routine and similarly, needs time everytime we start a new exercise. Gradually build up intensity and duration of work out to avoid unnecessary soreness of body muscles, injury and discomfort. This gradual pace will help us enjoy the work out process. 

4. Skipping out on warming up, cooling down and stretching steps: Cutting through a warm up step forces the body to stretch beyond its preparation and causes injury and tiresomeness. 

A 5-10 minute cool down step is also essential between exercises to reduce the amount of adrenaline in the blood, to flush out toxins and muscle soreness. 
Don't forget to stretch. When joints and muscles are stretched, their range of motion increases overtime, phasing out from a stiff body.  

5. Acting on bad advice: Don't start working on an exercise just because someone suggested it, or you saw it on TV. To achieve significant long-term results, seek an expert advice. Some exercises are not meant for everybody, in such scenarios, experts definitely play a key role. Doing a wrong exercise may put your body in jeopardy. You might have regrets later!