Simple Anti-Cancer Diet           Cancer is a dreadful disease which no one would imagine encountering. The simple diet format that we are going to share is very important and effective not only to fight the disease but also for normal people to create good resistance power in their bodies. Cancer may occur due to hereditary  factor, pollution, smoking and various other reasons. But one can definitely fight out the disease at it's early stages with proper medicines and a very strict and healthy diet. Our diet includes a lot of plant based food. All Veggies carry medicinal values and the diet patter is as follows !!! Breakfast : Preferably Oatmeal with fruits and nuts. Most importantly, it should be a whole grain breakfast.  Lunch : A big plate of veggie salad along with beans and peas makes a healthy lunch. A small quantity of rice or roti with a moderately fried and fat-free curry should be added along with the salad. A piece of boiled fish is also a healthy choice. Evening Snack : 1. Fruit Salad 2. Freshly cut vegetables topped with pasta sauce 3. Mixture of nuts, dry fruits and corn flakes 4. Green Tea or Tulsi Tea Dinner : Moderate quantity of rice cooked along with vegetables or Rotis with Steamed vegetable curry. A glass of carrot or beetroot juice after dinner is advisable. Try and avoid heavy food for dinner, especially non-veg. Dessert : A single square of dark chocolate is the best dessert item on the diet list. Replace pastries and sweets with a single fruit. 

Start Running For Perfect Fitness         Running is one of the healthiest habits that helps you enhance your figure and fitness. Running helps you look and feel good. Running helps a person feel liberated in a way where only you are the one involved in it. Running helps to calm down your senses and regular jogging improves your quality of life. Here are a few reasons why Running is the most recommended exercises out of all the others !!! 1. Running is the best way to tone your body and look in shape.  2. Running helps you burn unwanted calories and paves way to healthy weight loss 3. While running, the heart beat rate goes to 50 to 60 per minute. In this way, the heart muscles are relaxed and also fresh blood is pumped into the heart.  4. Running plays a vital role in your psychological well-being.  5. Running helps in reducing blood sugar rate.  6. Running improves Lung functioning and respiration becomes easier and smoother.        Jogging on a regular basis builds good stamina levels, helps in getting rid of lethargy, keeps a check on weight controls, improves metabolism, proper blood circulation to all parts of the body and so on. Make it a habit. Start Running for a healthy and fit lifestyle !!!

Park bench jack knife exercises For those who are already into exercises and gymming here is another fab way to work out your abdomen. The Jack Knifes-This move is a great way to tone your abs if you're not into planking. It looks easy, but you'll definitely feel the burn once you start working out the legs. Balance on your tailbone with your hands at your sides for stability and balance. Leaning back slightly, pull your knees to your chest and use your abs to extend your feet forward. Hold for 30 seconds, keeping your abs tight. And the best part is when you go to the park for your morning exercise you can practice those on the park bench and do these in a set of 2 to 3 repetitions and get back to your jogging or walking!

Bebo’s Fitness Routine   Kareena Kapoor Fitness Secret:Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo was in town for the promotion of her film Singham 2 and was looking fit and fabulous as ever . A firm believer in eating the right amount at the right time she has revealed that the secret behind her ever fresh and glowing skin is her vegetarian diet. Though she experimented with the size zero size in the movie Tashan which she says was not due to any crash diet but because of her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s diet program , she got back to her curvy self and post her marriage to the Pataudi Nawab Sail Ali Khan she has managed to stay in perfect shape and health. She also advises her fans to eat healthy, at regular intervals and not have large meals and exercise well. As per Bebo's diet plan she eats every two to three hours which includes a lot of fresh green vegetables, nuts  and fruits. For breakfast: It usually comprises of upma or paranthas (without oil), muesli and idlis. She snacks on a brown bread sandwich with veggies in between. For lunch: It is generally the usual roti, dal and vegetables. She emphasizes on taking in the right and balanced amounts of carbs and proteins. For dinner: At night she usually has dal, vegetables, and curd with roti or brown rice. She supplements her diet with lots of salads and fresh fruit juices. She makes sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day. Exercise:Bebo has switched to Yoga completely and loves to practice power yoga with Surya Namaskars being her favourite. She does the Ashtanga form of Yoga  and power yoga for an hour every day and also combines Pilates workouts with her yoga routine. And the best part she has included hubby Saif Ali Khan in this routine also... That’s Bebo’s diet plan decoded for you !

Yoga for Facial Fitness We have seen enough of products and procedures invading the market to make you look young and youthful. But there is always a healthier alternative in getting youthful and healthy skin –YOGA. The Yoga mantra which has spread from our country to other continents has the answers to all our queries when it comes to overall health and that includes the facial muscles. Briefly stating the benefits would be reduction on fine wrinkles, droopy lids, skin tightening, reduces crow’s feet and over all facial toning. All you have to do is  follow these 3 Simple exercises for facial toning and you don’t have to bother about their complicated names ! Exercise 1.Puff your Cheeks Exercise 1.Puff your Cheeks:Take a deep breath then close your mouth and puff out the cheeks like a balloon. Repeat this for 5 times.  The action tones cheek muscles preventing them from looking hollow. Exercise 2. Open your eyes wide and big Exercise 2.  Open your eyes wide and big :Open your eyes wide and as big as you can to lift the eyebrows hold for 5-7 seconds. Repeat 5 times.  Over time gravity affects the elasticity of muscles on the upper forehead and brows causing them to droop, making you look tired. Exercising these muscles softens forehead lines and around the eyes. Exercise 3.  Pucker your lips Exercise 3.  Pucker your lips: Suck in your cheeks to pucker up. Hold tight and try to smile.  This helps in reducing lines round the mouth and nose and keeps the lips full. A bit tough to smile buts it’s worth the effort. Keep smiling - the best exercise for a beautiful face!

Exercise can prevent Cancer too Working out has many benefits which not just include weight loss and fitness levels. The undermining truth is that we actually need regular, if not daily, exercise to live our best lives. But it’s not all too easy to  get into the fitness routine especially when we lead a hectic lifestyle when it comes to rushing from home to work and a maintain a sedentary lifestyle, especially when it comes to your office and sitting for hours in front of the computer or workstation. The justifications we do is that we get up early in the morning and we are in tearing rush to get the kids ready, pack theirs and your lunch boxes, get to work. The next 7 to 8 hours are spent using only your brain and not your physical body which is sitting in that blessed chair. So then what happens to your body if this is the kind of lifestyle you lead? Statistics from The World Cancer Research Fund show that an active lifestyle is crucial in reducing the risk of certain cancers, particularly uterine, breast, and bowel. The study suggests that women diagnosed with these types of cancer in 2012, 12 percent of bowel and breast cancers and one in 10 cases of uterine cancers could have been prevented if the women had been regular exercisers. We are not just talking about fitness and weight loss but prevention of certain types of cancers when it comes to exercising. So take those baby steps to kick start your exercise sessions, start with a half an hour walk, join your local gym or your friends Yoga group or make use of your office gym and stay fit and healthy…

Secrets of Lakshmi Manchu's Fitness Lakshmi Manchu’s Fitness: Actress, TV host, producer, brand ambassador for various charitable events, model, and now Mother to  a beautiful baby girl Vidya Nirvana -Lakshmi Manchu Anand has come a long way from just being another star’s daughter and has earned a place in the Telugu Film Industry and the first actress in Tollywood to embrace surrogacy. Standing tall at almost 5 feet 9 inches Lakshmi Manchu has a fabulous figure which she maintains diligently as evident in all her red carpet and other events that she is seen in and not to forget her own shows. We discovered these interesting tit bits about her health and fitness secrets and compiled them for you. ->She drinks lots of water throughout the day ->Does Pranayama for 5 minutes every day. ->Has done the Vipasana course once and recommends that everyone should do it once in a life time as it clears all the negative blocks and changes ones perspective about life. ->Practices Yoga: It clears all the conflicts and drive away the negative energies. I am happy whenever I do yoga. ->Working out regularly at the gym for a fit and toned body ->Drinking green tea throughout the day, which is great fat buster. ->In one of her recent tweets she says, “When was the last time u danced? Look back.. It is one of the most freeing experiences. Move your body. Get up. Shake it up. Love u all.”  Well, dance is definitely a relaxing act both for body and mind. It could be for fun and entertainment. So loosen up people !!! Turn your music system ON and shake your legs for a peppy number !!! So that’s it guys, stay fit always….like Manchu Lakshmi. Lakshmi also  says, “When we can spend so much of time and energy on taking care of one’s car, then taking care of the body should rank higher; after all the body is one’s temple.

Are your Wrists and Fingers Stretching?     Excercises for the hands:Just as the body needs its exercise our fingers and wrists which we subject to hard work and for some ladies incessant tapping on the key board, need their due care and our attention. As and when you find time do these simple exercises to keep at bay these work related disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomically related   disorders. Finger & Wrist Stretch 1: Starting with the right hand gently extend the fingers back one by one. Step 2: Then take them all back at the same time. This helps to stretch open your palm. Repeat for 5 times. Step 3: Take your thumb back towards your wrist. Then bring it forwards, stretching gently and firmly without forcing it. Step 4:Finish by making a fist and slowly opening it, stretching your fingers and thumb out as far as you. Step 5: Put your palms together, fingers pointing upwards, as if you were praying. Stretch your fingers and press palms together strongly. Keep the base of your palms pressing together, as you gradually lower your hands until your lower arms are horizontal. Step 6: Then take your hands down still further, fingers and upper palms together. You should feel the stretch on the insides of your fingers and wrists. Hold for a few seconds  and repeat for 5 times. These simple exercises loosen stiff fingers, hands and wrists and when done daily for a few weeks, help in making the wrist and fingers more flexible.

How NOT to put on Weight at Work   Lose weight while at work: The Catch 22 situation where you don’t have time to work out at home in the mornings before you head to work and you don’t have the time to exercise after you come back home late and there are more important things to do like cooking and kids homework projects to take care of. So how to make sure you stay healthy and not add those extra kgs, paunch and inches when you have 9-7 desk job?   Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and not pile up those extra kilos. -> Avoid the vending machine coffees and teas. Opt for Green tea which helps you in staying alert and burn calories. Since your office doesn’t provide them get your own tea bags and keep them in your desk ->Drinking water: Keep a bottle half filled and once you are done drinking it, go to the water dispenser as an exercise. Also get your hot water to make the tea and not depend on the office assistants to get it for you. ->DO not take energy boosters and supplements and they can lead to other side effects ->DO not eat unhealthy snacks and processed food. Try keeping fruits, khakras, nuts, digestive biscuits or crackers and simple local snacks to munch in between so that you don’t put on weight. ->Have a light lunch and try including a salad before eating your regular lunch. ->Take a 15 minute brisk walk after lunch as this not only helps you in digesting food it also helps you in staying alert post lunch break session. Check out our tips on how to avoid drowsiness post lunch.

The Right way to do Surya Namaskar   How To Practice Surya Namaskar : In this Video watch our Yoga expert  Rajeswari Vaddiparthi  show you the correct postures while doing the Surya Namaskars. She also shows some floor asanas/excercises for added fitness and strength in Yoga.  

Cycling for lovely legs Remember those carefree days when you would cycle with your friends in the neighborhood and have fun racing with each other. Time flies and you are caught up in the vicious circle of a routine life. Home, chores, kids, work, homework and the dinners to be made and then you hit the sack thinking about tomorrow’s tasks. The need to fit in exercise and stay in shape is another add on. So get back to that wonderful exercise and at least try cycling at the weekends and feel the benefits of the two wheels!   Cycling is a great workout to break into a sweat and work your legs. The advantage is you can push yourself at a higher intensity – so the harder you cycle the better. What does it do? Which you probably know already… ->Strengthens your legs, arms and back, ->Encourages your heart to work more efficiently and ->Aids in weight loss. Cheap way to stay fit If you can try Cycling to your work place or when you go to the market for groceries. Not recommended if you live in a high traffic zone though. So what are you waiting for? Pull out that unused bicycles and hit the roads with your friends for company...

Fitness Gear for Fitness and Style   With fitness being the buzz word,every soul you know  is hitting the road or gym for fitness, health and to lose weight .This significant trend has fuelled a market for fitness trackers and smart watches which have popped up in a  dime and dozen. In this flurry of gadgets, Samsung has come out with its own solution for fitness lovers who like to flaunt their fashion statement through their fitness gear too. The brand claims to offer the perfect solution through their Gear Fit – a fitness wrist band flaunting a stylish design with curved screen, as well as a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a few smart watch features thrown in. Samsung’s Gear 2, which has a more stylish design than its predecessor, features a refined design, heart rate monitor, bulbous camera, built-in IR blaster and heart-rate monitor. The My Apps features preloaded and third-party watch apps, which can also be removed from Favorites, the top-level menu on the watch. So for those who believe fitness and fashion go together this could be just the right gadget for you!

Fitness on the Sandy Beaches   Sandy Beach Fitness:Sandy For those who have lived on the coastlines might have experienced the fun of running and playing on the sandy beaches. Research shows that, when done properly, shorter training sessions on a sandy surface may be beneficial to your fitness routine. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences that looked at an eight-week conditioning program for female athletes found that substituting sand for grass increased exercise intensity and training load, thereby improving overall aerobic fitness.   Running on sand will make you stronger because you’re dissipating energy out into the sand and working harder to achieve the same speed (as on a solid surface),” says Greg Wells, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto. Running on sand helps in building muscle tone and fine motor control as it takes a lot of energy to run on sand. The West Indian Cricket players are known to practice their bowling skills on the beaches as it you have to exert a lot of force to make the ball bounce on the sand. It’s the same principle as it enables core muscles. So the next time you get an opportunity to go the beach try and practice running on the sands…

Fitness band that shocks you to Hit the Gym   Pavlok,the new fitness band: The Pavlok is a new fitness band prototype that has all the functions of a regular fit band, created by Behavioral Technologies founder and CEO Maneesh Sethi, which  aims to alter your behavior and improve your fitness, too. It does this by prodding you through both positive and negative reinforcement. It will send little shocks to your wrist if you don't head to the gym when you say you're going to. Now that’s a pretty violent way of getting yourself motivated but it will definitely shock you into heading to the gym. Still in the beta stage it will hit the market in September 2014. How this work does: The bracelet and its accompanying app of the same name use a combination of negative and positive reinforcement to train your brain. This means that the bracelet can send a small shock to your wrist if you don’t meet a predetermined goal, such as heading to the gym at a certain time. What it does it do: The Pavlok band focuses on creating better habits in three particular areas of fitness, productivity, and sleep which could change your entire day and lead to better health and fitness. Shocking ways  to stay fit !

Balanced Diet for Working Women Diet Plan For Working Women: Watch Dr. P. Janaki Srinath, Nutritionist speak about an appropriate Diet Plan for women who are working. Sometimes eating 2 square meals becomes a secondary priority as work pressure and maintaining a proper work life balance takes over more than food. Women need the right amount of calories and nutrients for a healthy life and career and they need to get these through a right diet which is explained in this video.    

Banana fights fatigue   The yellow banana has been seen as fruit which causes body weight but research says otherwise. Eating a banana which has three natural sugars, i.e. sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber can give an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that two bananas are enough to provide energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. It has been a recommended fruit for all leading athletes and sports persons. Eating a banana after a strenuous workout  will give you that much needed burst of energy and another fact is that it has the power to prevent constipation , stimulates Hemoglobin and blood levels ,has high levels of potassium and iron and are  high in B vitamins that can  help calm the nervous system.  So add at least one banana to your diet for fitness and overcoming fatigue!  

Watch your calories not your Veggies Eating  fruits and veggies alone can’t help you lose weight. But eating more of green leafy vegetables also  won't help you lose weight or  also won't make you gain weight, which may be just as important. So what is  that you need to follow in your diet for weight loss. Fruits and veggies, say researchers, can often fill you up and take the place of higher-calorie foods. And they're obviously a great source for getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. So don't skimp on the fruits and veggies just yet. According to a new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that eating fruits and vegetables actually has little to no impact on weight loss. Researchers examined data from more than 1,200 test subjects, and found that across the board, eating more healthy fruits and vegetables "had a near-zero effect on weight loss," said Kathryn Kaiser, of the UAB School of Public Health, who helped lead the team. Instead, the people who had the most success with losing extra kgs were those who cut their total calorie intake -- no matter what it was they were eating. So the key to weight loss is not fruits, veggies or leafy stalks but the overall intake of your calories that you consume through them that helps in losing weight.

Deeksha Seth's  Fitness Tip Actress Deeksha Seth who disappeared from the South Film Industry only to resurface in Bollywood had to go through extensive training for her Hindi Film debut “Lekar Hum Deewana Dil”. A big foodie who doesn’t believe in dieting had to cut down on her binging to get in to shape for the movie. For their roles, both Deeksha and her co-star Armaan Jain underwent an extensive fitness training schedule for three months to fit into their roles and as part of that she shared her fitness tip - Pilates, which according to her is the in thing this season for her. Pilates demands a lot of focus where you have to concentrate on what you're doing all the time. And you must concentrate on your entire body for smooth movements. In Pilates the way that exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves. According to her staying in shape means being fit not just being wafer thin. As part of her exercise routine she does a lot of walking and says that her general active personal lifestyle which including dancing and doing the Hula hoop with her friends make her a fit and active person and gymming is not really what she attributes her fitness to.