Triple-interval training



 If you are the serious gym freak checks out the Triple interval training schedule.
Here's how it works: instead of alternating between two intervals, fast and slow, as you would during an HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, you alternate between 30-, 20-, and 10-second bouts, building your burn from slow to fast to max.

Benefits: It pushes you harder without your even realizing it. Even when you think you're in high gear, you probably have the capacity to push a little bit more. Here, the last interval forces you to dig down and find whatever you have left to burn and because you know it'll be brief (you can do anything for 10 seconds), you're less likely to slack off, says Nisha Varma, Pune-based Reebok University master trainer. Those last seconds spike metabolism, endurance and speed.

Runners tried it and proved the theory: they shaved seconds off their times and lowered their blood pressure, all while cutting their mileage in half. When tested on walkers, they lost up to 5 kilos and more than 12 inches in 8 weeks. Try it with whichever activity you like best to supercharge your burn; throw in some lower-body toning moves; and balance it with set of calming exercises to keep you cool.