What to avoid in the Gym Routine


Those who have incorporated a healthy lifestyle and head to the gym to stay fit do a lot of planning so that their schedule stays uninterrupted and hassle free. Here are a few things to avoid so that you can have comfortable routine and enjoy your gym time.

·  Avoid uncomfortable gear

·  Don’t wear old and smelly gym clothes.

·  Avoid ill fitting, loose pants which you need to keep pulling up every time you bend.

·  Avoid wearing normal bras or too tight ones that constrict your breathing.

·  Please don’t wear cleavage revealing, tight gym clothes which not only distract you but also your fellow gym mates, (especially if you are in unisex gym).We don’t need unwarranted attention.

·  Avoid wearing worn out ear buds when you are listening to your iPod where you have to keep readjusting  them. Buy a good quality headphones

· Plan and time your gym sessions so that you don’t end waiting for machines to become free and delay your time.

· If the place is a constraint and there are too many people you could consider getting your small equipment which you can carry, like resistance bands,  kettle bell, a mat, some dumbbells, or jump rope and not wait around for the person to finish and you get your turn.

·  Avoid any kind of impolite or offending behavior at the gym. If someone is behaving like that quickly bring it to your Gym instructor/owners notice and they will take care of the issue. Don’t get into any altercations which can spoil your mood and others and cause any unpleasantness.

Work out, make friends, enjoy your gym routine and stay in shape –Both in health and mind!