Golden Sprinter Hima Das

World is speaking about our sprinter today. She had a wonderful strategy of slowing down initially and gathering all her energy for the final 100 meters. Yes! I am speaking about our Hima Das – an 18 year old Young Indian Athlete who became the first Indian track athlete to hold a global title on winning the Gold medal at the World U-20 Championships 2018 at Tampere, Finland, in Women's 400m with a time of 51.46 seconds. Everyone including our dear Prime Minister congratulated her on her victory but how did I come to know about Hima?



Like always I was having a regular visit to my Facebook page and this time, I was constantly reading only one name “Hima Das”. Out of curiosity, like everyone I wanted to get into the detail of who she was. As soon as I typed Hima in my browser – I was disappointed to the core. But why – I could see people searching “Hima Das Caste”. Feeling dejected I continued my search and to my surprise she was a Gold Medalist at the U20 commonwealth Games 2018. My joy doubled and it did not last too longer since I could read “Athletics Federation of India” tweeting “#HemaDas speaking to media after her SF win at #iaaftampere2018 @iaaforg Not so fluent in English but she gave her best there too.” After all noticing all this – I was just imagining how can we be so cruel that instead of congratulating her heart fully – we are channelizing our thoughts to know her caste and finding out her mistakes. Can we grow a little older and congratulate her for bringing glory to the Motherland.



Today I was glad to read that our winner – instead of celebrating her victory has starting a campaign for her city against illegal influx. Not only this, she has already started preparing for her journey for Olympics 2020. Indian Government has also declared that Hima Das will get end-to-end support towards her preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under government's Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS).



After reading this, the young one has reminded me of a wonderful quote rightly said by Dr. A P J Kalam, “Don't take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” My heart is only wishing for her continuous victory.

All the Best Hima – You have a long way to go!!