How to Dress to Accentuate Curves Fashion Tips Shaped Body, How to Dress Accentuate Curves, Clothing Create Curves, How to Dress Curvy Body: Both styles nip in at the waist, making it look even thinner while accentuating your upper and lower curves. * Whether you're thin or heavy, baggy clothes are just plain unattractive and tent-like. They just hide your body and make you appear as if you are not confident. Choose comfortable clothing that lightly skims the body, especially around the waist and hips. * If you must wear one baggy item, make sure you wear another form-fitting item. For example, choose a fitting top with a ruffled skirt. Or wear skinny jeans with a loose peasant top. * Wrap dresses and skirts cut on the bias flatter just about every body type, and pay homage to your curves. Skirts that fall just above the knee are the most attractive length for most women. * If you're very skinny or small-busted, wearing form fitting layers can help create the illusion of having more on top. Flowing fabrics that have a lot of movement, like chiffon, will also make you look even curvier. * Buy jackets that are cinched in at the waist. Opt for dresses with tie back sashes. These styles will show off your hourglass figure. And if you don't happen to have an hourglass figure, they will help visually create one. Wearing a wide belt with pants will also help draw attention to your waist. * Unless it's the dead of winter, try to keep your neckline open. V-necks are particularly flattering. Showing a bit of cleavage is fine. Just make sure your clothing is appropriate to the occasion (Funerals and business meetings are not the place to show off your ta-tas!) . * And please make sure that your "girls" are not spilling out from your clothing. You want to look curvy, not trashy.If you really want to play the part of the vamp, wear a necklace or dangling earrings that will draw even more attention to your decolletage.

Archana Hot Ramp Walk ఫ్యాషన్ ప్రియులను ఆలరించిన ఇండియన్ ఫ్యాషన్ స్ట్రీట్. డిజైనర్ దుస్తుల్లో ఆదుర్స్ అనిపించిన మోడల్స్. Source: ABNtelugu tv

Indian Brides Should Try Messy Look Indian brides Messy Look, Indian Brides Fashion, Indian Brides Fashionable: The clean cut is not fashionable, says well-known French hairstylist Laurent Decreton, who believes older Indian women should not shy away from trying a messy or classic look. He also suggests that brides be more adventurous by adopting trendy hairstyles for their D-day. Decreton, who himself sports very short hair, said: "I think women should try new fashionable styles and experiment with hairdos. Hairstyles in India are very formal. It should not be that formal. I feel it's only young girls who are playing with hair in India." Decreton suggests that "Indian weddings and the hairstyles are very formal. But Indian women should change this habit and try new, trendy hairstyles for wedding. That is the reason we picked wedding as the theme for the same. Weddings are all about happiness, trying something new gives confidence and happiness to the bride." He started his career at a young age of 19 and has 30 years of experience in hairstyling. Decreton never had a mentor and his creations are the outcome of his imagination.

Sridevi walks the ramp for Sabyasachi Walk Ramp Sridevi Sabyasachi, Sridevi walks Sabyasachi, Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee: The show started with Sridevi walking the ramp in a white embroidered saree teamed with black blouse designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.   "She (Sridevi) is the ultimate diva and I was really excited when I got this offer to design for her. One will see her flaunting different types of Indian look in the film," the designer said.   "I am huge fan of Sabya's design. The way he uses intricate hand-work on his collection is just fantastic. I love what he designed for me and I am looking forward for many more associations in the future," said Sridevi.  

Jeans For Women In India Best jeans for women in india, Ladies Jeans in India, Jeans for Women, Levis jeans for women in india: Jeans for women in India are a hit from casual to formal occasions. trend these days, they look best with dressy tops and tucked in long boots.   * Jeans For Women In India - Boot-Cut Jeans They have a flare at the bottom and are slim at the thighs making way for the boots, and giving one a slimmer look. One can wear them with a fitted blouse or shirt and ankle length boots or heels. ****************************************************************************** * Jeans For Women In India - Tapered Jeans They have a narrower cut ankle which tightens up as the leg goes down and may have a Relaxed or Skinny fit . A popular trend these days, they look best with dressy tops and tucked in long boots. *********************************** * Jeans For Women In India - Wide-leg Jeans Also known as baggy jeans, they have a very relaxed fit, and tend to make women look voluminous so they are best worn with a tucked-in top or shirt and a nice belt. ***************************************************************** * Jeans For Women In India - Capri Jeans They are shorter than regular trousers and come in various lengths but the most common are three-fourths. Wear them with wedges or girly ballerinas and a sleeveless sequined top to look elegant & classy. ********************************************************* * Jeans For Women In India - Stovepipe Jeans They have a waistband which sits below the natural waist and are often rolled up with 1-2inch cuffs. One can style them up with a fitted sleeveless shirt and high heels for that chic look. జీన్స్ స్టయిల్స్ ఫర్ లేడీస్‌ యువత బాగా మోజుపడి ఇష్టపడే దుస్తులు జీన్స్. ఒకప్పుడు అబ్బాయిలే ఎక్కువగా ధరించే ఈ దుస్తులపట్ల నేటి తరం యువతులు ఎనలేని మక్కువ ప్రదర్శిస్తున్నారు. ఇవి ఫ్యాషన్ పరంగానేకాక అటు ఉద్యోగ నిర్వహణలో అయినా ఇటు ప్రత్యేక సందర్భలలో డిన్నర్లు, పార్టీలకైనా అనువుగా, అనుకూలంగా వుంటాయి. అయితే జీన్స్ శరీరాకృతికి సరిగ్గా సూటవక సరైన స్టయిల్ కానట్లయితే మాత్రం అందం, స్టయిల్‌కు బదులు ఎబ్బెట్టుగా తయారవుతారు. మరి ఆకృతికి తగినట్లుగా ఏవిధంగా ఎంచుకోవాలన్నది అసలు మీమాంస. ఇందుకోసం ఫ్యాషన్ డిజైనర్లు ఇచ్చే సూచనల్ని పరిగణలోకి తీసుకుంటే ఇబ్బంది ఇట్టే తొలగిపోతుంది. * పియర్ షేప్ : ఇటువంటి ఆకృతిగలవారికి కింది భాగం భారీగా వుంటుంది. కాబట్టి నిండు రంగులు ధరిస్తే నాజూగ్గా వుంటారు. * పర్‌ఫెక్ట్ ఫిట్ : లోవెయిస్ట్, బూట్-కట్ లేదా తేలిగ్గా విచ్చుకుని వుండే జీన్స్ బాగా నప్పుతాయి. ఫ్లేర్డ్ బాటమ్ తొడలభాగాన్ని కుదించి, వెడల్పాటి పిరుదులు లేదా వెనుకభాగాన్ని సమతౌల్య పరుస్తుంది. ఓ మాదిరిగా ఫిట్ కావాలి కాని, బాగా టైట్‌గా ఫిట్ కాకూడదు. అతికించినట్లుండే వాటికి దూరంగా వుండాలి. * సరైన జోడీ: వీలైనంతవరకు పొడవాటి జీన్స్, కుర్తీలు ఉపయోగిస్తే బాగా నప్పుతాయి. ఎదపై చక్కని ఫిటింగ్ అవసరం. పాదరక్షలు: లార్జ్ హీల్స్, వెడ్జెస్ బావుంటాయి. * పర్‌ఫెక్ట్ ఫిట్: చర్మానికి అంటిపెట్టుకుని వుండే లోవెయిస్ట్ జీన్స్ ఈ ఆకృతిగలవారికి నప్పుతాయి. డెనిమ్ క్యాప్రిస్ కూడా చాలా బావుంటాయి. * సరైన జోడీ: ఫంకీ టీ-షర్ట్స్, ట్యూబ్, ప్రింటెడ్ లేదా భుజాలులేని టాప్స్ లేదా చక్కని అమరికగల షర్ట్ జీన్స్‌పైకి బాగా నప్పుతాయి. బ్లూజీన్స్‌పైన బాగా ఫిట్టయ్యే తెల్లని షర్ట్ ధరిస్తే సెక్సీగా, అంతకుమించి స్మార్ట్‌‌గా కనిపిస్తారు. * పాదరక్షలు: గ్లాడియేటర్ శాండల్స్, షూస్ బావుంటాయి. స్టిలెట్టోస్ అవుటాఫ్ స్టయిల్ కానేరదు.   * యాపిల్ ఆకృతి ఈ ఆకృతి గలవారు నాజూకైన స్టయిల్స్ ఎంచుకోవాలి. పర్‌ఫెక్ట్ ఫిట్: నడుము భాగంలో ఫిట్ అయ్యే స్ట్రెచ్ జీన్స్ ఇటువంటివారికి చక్కని ఆకృతిని ఇస్తాయి. సరైన జోడీ: ఎ-లైన్ లేదా బయాస్‌డ్ కట్ టాప్స్ ఎదపైకుచ్చుల మాదిరిగా వుండేవాటిని ఎంచుకోవాలి. బాగా టైట్‌గా వుంటే టీషర్ట్‌లకు దూరంగా వుండాలి. పాదరక్షలు: ఫ్లాట్ టై-అప్స్ లేదా బ్యాలెట్ షూస్, వెడ్జెస్ లేదా బాక్సీ హీల్స్ బాగా నప్పుతాయి.   * పెటైట్ ఆకృతి ఈ ఆకృతి గలవారు జీన్స్ కోసం షాపింగ్ చేస్తున్నప్పుడు టీనేజ్ రకాలకు ప్రాధాన్యం ఇవ్వాలి. పర్‌ఫెక్ట్ ఫిట్: ఐడియల్‌గా, నాజూగ్గా, స్ట్రెయిట్ ఫిట్, బూట్-కట్ జీన్స్ బాగా నప్పుతాయి. కింది భాగంలో అంటుకున్నట్లుగా వుండే కట్స్‌కు దూరంగా వుండాలి. సరైన జోడీ: సెమి-ఫిట్ లేదా ట్యూబ్ టాప్స్, బస్ట్ వద్ద టైట్ ఫిట్ వుండేవి బాగా నప్పుతాయి. పాదరక్షలు: ఏ రకం హీల్స్ అయినా బావుంటాయి.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends Spring Fashion, Spring 2012 Trends, Spring 2012 Fashion Trends, Spring 2012 Fashion: Fashion Week always serves up a host of fun trends to try and this spring, thankfully, they were oh so wearable.   Super Bold Prints From swirly patterns to geometric designs, it's OK to go overboard with prints - make that super bold prints - from head to toe this season. Parrot prints, vibrant patterns, oversized flowers, Chinese blossoms, and geometric prints are some of the season's most- coveted looks.   Metallic Bottoms Gleaming gold or silver skirts, shiny bronze pants, and metallic print trousers are a hot trend for spring. Balance out your look by pairing these basics with a pastel or white-colored blouse, tee, three-quarter sleeve sweater, blazer, or jacket. Neon Color-Blocking From brightly-colored dresses to color-blocked skirts and bags, this is the season to show off your playful side with some neon- colored basics and accessories. Pick out some tees, dresses, skirts, and handbags in bright orange, pink, yellow, and neon blue to round out your look. Pink Short Suits Looking for a fun, comfortable, and trendy look for the office? Go pink this season with a pink short suit set that includes a fitted blazer and knee-length shorts. Look for tailored styles for a more professional look. Pastel Hues It's not really spring until you pull out some classic pastels. Stick with sorbet-inspired colors this season - think light pinks, greens, blues, and yellows - for a low-key, romantic look. Remember you can always pick out a pastel-colored bag or hat if you don't want to go head-to-toe with this look. Colorful Camo Prints Camo prints are back for another season but with a twist. Spring 2012 calls for colorful versions of the classic camo print. You'll find dresses, pant suits, and jumpsuits in blue, green, grey, and yellow camo prints this season. Bold Flowers Forget about tiny floral prints in favor of large, colorful, and oversized flowers for your dresses, shirts, and accessories this season. This is the season to go bold and you'll want to pick out a few wardrobe basics that have big, colorful flowers. From giant rosettes on handbags to Hawaiian-style flower prints on a dress, you'll find several pieces to show off your fun, romantic, and playful side.

Fashion Trends For Spring 2012 Spring 2012 Trends, Fashion Trends 2012, Top Fashion Trends Spring 2012: Spring is fast approaching, and it's high time to start getting ready for warm weather with a host of fun trends. The big color trend for 2012 spring/summer is mint green... Yes you read right - mint green is the biggest color trend for the up coming season. The racks will be full of fashions that all done up in a soft whimsical version of mint green . Another color trend being you will see this spring, especially in handbags and shoes is neon's. Such as bright blues, yellows, greens, oranges, and hot pinks. Do you Crochet? Well it's back... Crochet vests are big this spring, maybe you can look to the back of your closet . maybe you might have a bit of a crochet number lurking. The color that jumps out at the head of the line for this spring when it comes to neon shades, is orange! Less face it there is no other color that can make a loud fashion statement as bright orange. So need a new handbag or a great pair of shoes? Make it orange. Belt bags are one of the great big trends... However, I am not talking "fanny packs'...Stick to the new small square flat belt bags - so cute, and less weight to carry on that shoulder. Feet need a rest This spring kitten heels are big... The kitten heel is a good choice this spring. They are feminine, and classic, as well as comfortable. Creamy neutrals, all done up to give you a very feminine look. Flowing pajama - styles, tunics. All meant to be classical, and again comfortable. Think whimsical pattrens. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting Whimsical prints. Stripes - Stripes seem to hold a place in fashion year after year. You can't go wrong wearing stripes, from head to toe... High-Waisted flare pants are so big this spring... The pant that Katharine Hepburn made so popular, is back... I suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt, so you can flash up the look with a flashy thin belt.

Ileana Blue Saree Photos Ileana Blue Saree Photos, Ileana Blue Saree Stills, Ileana Saree Pictures: Telugu Actress IIeana Cute Looking Beautiful Blue Color Saree collection.

Best Shorts for Your Body Type You won't feel overexposed or underdressed with these perfectly styled outfits that show off your legs. If you tend to avoid shorts because you can't find any that look good on your body type. * A style anyone can wear, with a clean front and a roomy cut. Don't let the color scare you: It almost acts as a neutral when paired with contrasting brights. * The low pockets draw the eye away from your stomach and a higher waist holds you in. Dress these up with a printed blouse. * Diagonal pockets, a straight cut and cuffs visually balance this area. Put on an embellished tee to focus attention upward. * A wider cut and pleats create a bell-like effect at the hem that carves out curves at the waist. * Old Navy Sateen Shorts, Vertical stripes elongate and slim. Worried that the longer inseam will overwhelm your frame? Wear sandal wedges for a flattering height boost.

Indian Fashion India has been a country of rich cultural heritage and everybody who visits India from a foreign land vouches for this fact. A great reason for the rich cultural heritage of India comes from its fashion, called the Indian fashion. the women in Indian culture have been endorsing saris, lehenga cholis, and salwar suits on their bodies and have remained an icon of style while covering their body head to toe. In fact, the saris, salwar suits and lehenga cholis have now become so popular that even women from the western countries have started wearing these dresses. the Indian fashion industry was much affected by an influx of western culture and its dressing style. While for women, more dresses in terms of evening gowns, skirts, trousers, tube tops, noodle strap tops, etc. are making fashion statement, the new fashion statement for men includes straight-fit shirts shorts, stylish vests, etc. Today, it’s not just the movie stars who are the owners of Indian fashion. Even the common people are making fashion statements and giving their personality a completely new and changed look. Owing to this, the Indian fashion industry is growing in size and providing employment opportunities to a large number of people in India.

Indian Women Can Now Wear Bikini Indian women, who are shy to step out in skimpy bikini, can now look elegant yet cool while relaxing poolside or by the beach thanks to the sari. There are different types and styles of women swimwear. You can wear a bikini, swimwear to go swimming in a swimming pool or just wear it on the beach. if you are traveling on a Looks newest now in super skimpy triangle, side tie bottoms bikini. "Indian women have the best bodies in the world and are also the most shy about them," the Daily Mail quoted Kukreja told The Sunday Times. "Our swimsuits aim at bringing them out of their shell. "It got a good response from women who are going to nice fancy cocktails, on their honeymoon or to beach weddings which are the new rage in India," he said. Swimsuits are still considered provocative despite women often wearing skimpy outfits on night outs. Mamta Sharma, head of the government's sexual equality commission, had asked Indian women earlier this month to dress sensibly to avoid being indecently assaulted.

Famous Indian Women Fashion Designers Fashion designers are the real masters that embellish the beauty of women In the famous fashion designers list, the top Indian & International fashion designers. Ritu Kumar The pioneer of fashion, and among the earliest and best known women fashion designers, she is a diva in her own right. Her designs blend in culture with modernity and cater to today’s independent Indian women. She has designed outfits for three Miss India winners who then went on to win international pageants. Her brand ‘Label’ was launched in 2002 and has been reflective of today’s strong and confident Indian women. Ritu Beri She is best known for being the first Indian fashion designer to have presented a line at Paris. Her first collection ‘Lavanya’ which she presented as a student was the start of a long and illustrious career. Her clientele includes the former US President Bill Clinton, the Swarovski family, and a long list of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. Neeta Lulla This designer and stylist is the winner of three National Awards for Best Costume Design, and her designs have achieved international acclaim. She has done several shows in the U.S., Canada, Rome and Monte Carlo, and is an expert in bridal trousseau design. She has more than 350 movies to her credit in the field of costume design. Rina Dhaka Best known for her themed collections, she has always been known as one to take risks. Her forte has been Western wear, and her creations can be worn as separates. She has been featured in Vogue and Elle and her clientele includes Naomi Campbell, Uma Thurman and Lara Dutta. Ranna Gill She started her label “Ranna Gill” in 1996, and hasn’t looked back ever since. Her outfits are a beautiful mix of the traditional and the contemporary. Today she owns boutiques in New Delhi and Mumbai, and also retails her clothes in the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and many other cities. Anita Dongre She has been at the fore of Indian fashion for two decades, and her fabulous creations have been showcased at international ramps and several red carpet events. She has six unique brands to her credit today, each representing a different facet of fashion. Her creations under the labels Anita Dongre Timeless, Anita Dongre, IInter-pret, Grassroot, Global Desi and AND are well known for the innovation and spirit that she stands for. Gauri and Nainika This designer duo from New Delhi has dressed the who’s who of Bollywood, and their red-carpet creations are some of the best that you can find. Their designs cater to the modern Indian woman who likes to dress “with a sense of occasion”, the chic, independent and strong woman. Monisha Jaising Simplicity is her middle name, but there is no lack of elegance. Monisha Jaising is an extremely innovative designer who uses stones and pearls to make her designs regal and exquisite. Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu have showcased her creations at various shows, and her innovative designs seem to bring out the best in every woman who wears them. Puja Nayyar She is known for her flawless designs, and she was one of the five Asian designers who were invited to the “Mercedes Benz Asia Fashion Week”. She brings out her creations under the label ‘Puja Nayyar’ in several fashion stores in the country.

Lakshmi Prasanna Beautiful in Saree Collections Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna displaying beautiful printed saree with lakshmi prasanna displaying maroon designer saree with black and gold double Silver Saree photos, images, gallerys....

How to Dress for a Job Interview Dressing the part for a job interview can be as important as what your resume says about you. Underdress, and you may not be taken seriously. Perfect grooming is your first assignment when you interview for a job, whether you want tips for How to Dress for a Job Interview. * Call the receptionist or secretary at the prospective employer's office for tips on what employees there wear. * Consider the job's location. If it's a library in a strip mall, you can wear a sweater and slacks. At a corporate office, wear a conservative business suit. A pantsuit with a sweater or blouse is appropriate for an informal office. * Choose between closed-toe shoes, pumps and loafers. If you are wearing a skirt, nylons are a must. * Avoid miniskirts, tight sweaters, sloppy overalls and sandals with straps. * Check your outfit for holes, tears, stains, scuffs or wrinkles. * Tone down the use of makeup, hair spray, perfume and jewelry. One nose ring is one too many and may cost you the job of your dreams. * Inspect your hair, nails, hems and the shine on your shoes. * Wear a silk scarf and carry a nice briefcase or portfolio. Leave the oversized, disorganized handbag at home.

Wearable Spring Trends 2012 Fashion always serves up a host of fun trends to try and this wearable spring trends 2012. The three most wearable spring 2012 runway beauty trends are featured, from bright, bold lips and neutral eyes to navy smokey eyes. Focus on Wearable Spring Trends 2012 unique details like pleating, open shoulders, and suit inspired clothing. Another big thing for spring is incorporating colors both bright and pastel into your closet.  

Genelia Saree Blouse Fashion Genelia in Short Sleeves Saree Blouse. Indian and Bollywood actress Genelia in designer short sleeves blouse with embroidered border.Many fabrics are available for the Saree Blouse Designs, depending upon the seasons and events. The size and build of the person who would wear the Banarasi Saree also matters. Fabrics that are glossy like silk, brocade silk, Jamavar silk are for heavy-work sarees for very special occasions. Cottons, chiffons and georgettes are for casualwear.....

Spaghetti Strap Saree Blouse Spaghetti Strap Blouse For a bold and daring woman, a blouse with spaghetti straps will also do wonders. Get noodle thin straps or just flat strings. And if you want to be some more unconventional, get some sequined or even jeweled straps. You can use anything- pearls, beads or stones to make the straps of your blouse- your choice, of course based on the saree, its fabric and the occasion when you will wear it.

Tapsee Saree Collection ముద్దు ముద్దు అందాలతో, కవ్వింపుల చూపులతో తెలుగు ప్రేక్షకులను అలరించిన వెన్నెల బొమ్మ తాప్సి. చీరకట్టులో మరింత అందంగా కనబడుతూ చీర యొక్క గొప్పదనాన్ని మనకు తెలుపుతున్నట్టుగా ఉన్న ఈ ఫోటోలను చూడండి.