Indian Fashion

India has been a country of rich cultural heritage and everybody who visits India from a foreign land vouches for this fact. A great reason for the rich cultural heritage of India comes from its fashion, called the Indian fashion.

the women in Indian culture have been endorsing saris, lehenga cholis, and salwar suits on their bodies and have remained an icon of style while covering their body head to toe. In fact, the saris, salwar suits and lehenga cholis have now become so popular that even women from the western countries have started wearing these dresses.

the Indian fashion industry was much affected by an influx of western culture and its dressing style. While for women, more dresses in terms of evening gowns, skirts, trousers, tube tops, noodle strap tops, etc. are making fashion statement, the new fashion statement for men includes straight-fit shirts shorts, stylish vests, etc.

Today, it’s not just the movie stars who are the owners of Indian fashion. Even the common people are making fashion statements and giving their personality a completely new and changed look.

Owing to this, the Indian fashion industry is growing in size and providing employment opportunities to a large number of people in India.