Best Shorts for Your Body Type

You won't feel overexposed or underdressed with these perfectly styled outfits that show off your legs. If you tend to avoid shorts because you can't find any that look good on your body type.

* A style anyone can wear, with a clean front and a roomy cut. Don't let the color scare you: It almost acts as a neutral when paired with contrasting brights.

* The low pockets draw the eye away from your stomach and a higher waist holds you in. Dress these up with a printed blouse.

* Diagonal pockets, a straight cut and cuffs visually balance this area. Put on an embellished tee to focus attention upward.

* A wider cut and pleats create a bell-like effect at the hem that carves out curves at the waist.

* Old Navy Sateen Shorts, Vertical stripes elongate and slim. Worried that the longer inseam will overwhelm your frame? Wear sandal wedges for a flattering height boost.