Indian Glamour Sarees Sarees has been a popular dress in the cultures of India. It has changed its styles and designs over the years. It has made its way into the international market and now women in many countries wear a sarees on both formal and casual occasions.Many women love to wear a sari in fashion on the weddings. Different designs and fabrics are used for a sarees. * Simple is graceful A simple and elegant sari looks wonderful for semi-formal occasions. Combined with the right accessories, it looks graceful enhancing the curves and pleats of your designer sari. A plain sari is really eye-catching and looks graceful on a tall and slim woman. A few plain saris would be a great addition to your semi-formal wardrobe. * Combine the fabrics You can always combine different kinds of fabrics to give your sari a more elegant and formal look. A velvet blouse with a chiffon or net sari in fashion would do wonderful. You can also make a velvet border with beaded embroidery on it with the net sari. Whatever fabrics you combine, make sure to keep an overall balance in the fall of the drape of your designer sari. * Make color combinations You can combine the colors of your choice to make your sari more graceful and stylish. Go beyond your imaginations to design your sari and make the world turn their eyes on you. You can make it as formal as you want by adding beautiful embellishments on it. * Embellishments on a sarees There is a huge variety of the embellishments that you can add to your sari. Beautiful hand woven borders in thread embroidery, bead work, gota, zardozi work, makaish and tilla work are the most popular ones for making a sari in fashion more formal and beautiful. You can add beautiful laces to a plain sari to make it more economical. Delicate work over the neckline and sleeves of the blouse are also popular around the world.

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Stylish Indian Peacock Bridal Saree Stylish Indian Wedding Sarees, Indian Wedding Sarees, Stylish Wedding Sarees: Simple in look with delicate square designed borders and pallus with a peacock design. We have selected some latest saree design for bridal girls that are made by Peacock. Peacock sarees are according to the new bridal fashion trends. This collection of peacock is feather design sarees. beautiful Peacock saree designs 2012- 2013 New era and new fashion in all over the world is found to be as trend.

Fashionable Tights Fall Winter 2012 or 2013 Fashionable Tights, Fall Winter Women Tights, Fashion Tights For Fall Winter, High Fashion Tights: Winter not a reason to put on a warm and comfortable pants until spring. Do not forget about the skirts and dresses this time of year. And we should all admit that tights, leggings and stylish legwear are the cavalcade of glamorous, delicate, romantic and Fashionable Tights Fall Winter 2012 or 2013. * Bright colours. This autumn and winter tights of these tints are must-have items of your wardrobe. You can find them in Ioannis Dimitrousis and Richard Nicoll’s collections. * Fishnet tights. Those ladies who prefer mesh tights can be happy as they are again in fashion. Lacy mesh tights are included into Rodarte, Baby Phat, D Squared, Betsey Johnson and Emma Cook’s collections. * Red tints. Colour trends of this season are red tints, rich red-brown colour or raspberry pink hue. They are widely represented in Bottega Veneta and Caroline Charles’s colletions. * black tights, that are fashionable all year round. Just scroll through winter collections by Anna Sui, Oscar De La Renta, Chanel or Emma Cook and you will certainly see black tights with slight glossy effect.

Teenage Girl Winter Fashion Style Teenage Girl Winter Fashion, Teenage Girls Style, Cute Winter Outfits Teen Girls, Girls Winter Fashion: Teenage Girl Fashion Winter, as for adult women, strappy shoes that are the major trends for winter clothing for teenagers. Workboot style and low- heeled booties are comfortable. Boot accent to look for is folded-over cuffs, fringe, cords, and decorative metal studs. Girls often wear trendy to set themselves apart from the crowd, and at the same time, adjusting to the adolescent’s world, fashion plays an important role in self esteem and identity.                          

Indian Fashion Paris Hilton The India Resort Fashion Week (IRFW), four-day event, which began on Wednesday, has a robust line-up of Indian and international disc jockeys (DJs). From Indian DJs like Vijay Chawla, Anish Sood and Clement D'Souza to international names like Sidney Samson, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the opening day of the event was a treat for music lovers who were in the mood for some party. "Goa is always in my priority list whenever I plan to visit India and it is good to see so many events happening everytime, especially music festivals. I have also heard that some of our performers (international DJs) were performing here, so I planned the day accordingly. Dancing at the shores is an altogether a different experience," she said. The 31-year-old heiress couldn't stop praising about the Indian fashion and designs as she asserted that it is "beautiful and different." "I like Indian fashion. I think it's so beautiful and elegant and sexy at the same time. I came here last year and I met Shane and Falguni Peacock and I also met them a New York during fashion week," she said.

Parineeti Chopra as Bikini girl Parineeti Chopra Swim Wear, Parineeti Chopra Fashion Tips, Parineeti Chopra Bikini: Parineeti Chopra, who is basking in the glory of her latest film “Ishaqzaade”.While the film is the launch pad for Arjun, it is the second outing for Faisal as a director after “Do Dooni Chaar”. The film released on May 11 is doing well at the box office and has collected over Rs 16 crore in its first weekend. It is believed that the film is made at a budget of Rs 25 crore. * “I have no limitations and that is because I believe in myself. When you finish reading a script and you still remember about that one kissing scene and think that the script is good… But just because it has a kissing scene, hence you will not do it. This means that with what intention the writer must have wrote that scene, you have not understood it,” Parneeti told PTI. Even in “Ishaqzaade”, there are few intimate scenes between her and co-star Arjun Kapoor. * The placement of the scene in the movie is right and it is not that it has been put for fun or for everyone to enjoy. “If you like the script for what it is… if the intention of the writer is to have a lovemaking scene, or kissing scene or bikini or dance or whatever, I will do it. I feel as an actor one must not have any inhibition,” she said. “Ishaqzaade” is a romantic drama directed by Habib Faisal and produced by Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Victoria Fashion Tips: The show started with a full-on circus, complete with acrobats, a sword-swallower and a man on stilts. Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars performed.The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is one of those shows that really likes to one up itself. And each time it sets the bar pretty high. * Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 looks like it should at least duplicate those numbers. Not only does it have a popular show like Rudolph as a lead-in, but it has the traditional can’t-miss elements of of beautiful women in sexy, over-the-top lingerie, combined with three top singers performing. * "For the 'Circus' section we really wanted to create a sense of nostalgic romance -- a twinkling magical mood which would provide death-defying feats of glamour and excitement," Thomas says. "For Candice we created a sparkling sexy tightrope walker with a celestial motif beaded bra and panty using tons of Swarovski Elements and dusty blue ostrich feathers. The overall effect combines refined retro, fragility and glamour."  

Fall Fashion Trends Winter 2012 Fashion Trends, Fall Fashion Trends, Fall Fashion Trends 2012: Fashion trends is large which makes it possible for every fashion conscious girl to find something to her taste in winter 2012.And today, during the Fall Winter 2012 fashion season, we are talking about the influence of Oriental motifs on Western fashion and see how military trend is getting more and more popular with fashionistas. * There are sexy slim-fit trousers and chic baroque designs, youthful pieces inspired by Gothic and romantic floral-printed garments, fancy suits and comfortable knitted sweaters. All these trends are interesting and you can experiment with them in the most daring manner if you want to stand out, or wear them wisely to look stylish but not too risque.

Fashion Tips For Women Over 40 A simple designer accessory can completely transform any outfit. While a young woman carrying a designer handbag can be thought of having stolen the piece from her mom’s wardrobe or of carrying a knockoff; a woman in her 40s holding a designer handbag or wearing designer shoes looks nothing other than classy. * When you reach your 40s, fact is that your body does not look anymore like it did in your 20s or early 30s, but that does not mean that it has to look worse … it can actually look much better! But while you might be thinner and more toned thanks to all the dieting, yoga and jogging you've been doing in the past decade, common sense is still needed when putting together your ideal wardrobe. * If your style tends to be more casual, turning 40 is not the time to change it, but maybe to adapt it a little. Also, never forget that ‘casual’ is not synonym with ‘shabby’, and the last thing you want to be is a ‘scruffy mid age woman’. So, ditch the old-fashioned ripped jeans and those tracking suit bottoms that you inherited from your husband and get yourself a pair of jeans that fit well and that bring out your best qualities. But please forget skinny jeans, even if you have a great bum … leave those for your teenage daughter! * Working women over 40 can look absolutely stunning. The confidence that exudes from experience makes a deadly combo when matched with a nicely coordinated outfit. A carefully chosen silk scarf for example, can add sophistication to a simple dress shirt and tailored pants ensemble – a simple touch that would probably look too harsh or air hostess-like on a younger woman.

Dressing Tips For Winter Winter Fashion Tips, Winter Dressing Fashion Tips, Top Ten Winter 2012 Fashion Tips: Shopping for winter clothing can seem a bit overwhelming. New fabrics and insulations are constantly making apparel warmer, more breathable and more waterproof. Fashions seem to change by the season. * Though it is natural to want to resort to wool or other warmer fabrics in winter,these may not be great on winter skin. * Non-irritating fabrics, such as cotton, allow circulation of air over the skin and avoid trapping of moisture. Dressing in layers will give you the advantage of taking off or adding clothes if you feel too warm or cold. * Synthetic materials are ideal for winter as they provide warmth and yet do not trap moisture. They even dry faster if they become wet. * Since more skin is covered in winter, there is increased potential for developing allergic reactions to irritants in detergents or fabric toners and softeners. Switching to a gentler brand of detergent or avoiding fabric toners is a good choice in winter. * Wearing gloves over your hands can protect the nails and skin from unseemly damage while also keeping them supple.

Fashion Tips For Curvy Girls Many of us curvy girls know that fashion isn't always as easy as it is for thinner ladies out there. For this reason, I have a few fashion tips that I would like to share with all you curvy ladies out there. * number one, if you like chunky jewelry wear it! Small accessories only make things worse when it comes to weight. * number two, big handbags work the same way as big jewelry so try to avoid smaller sized bags. When it comes to clothing, choose darker materials this also includes jeans. * This of course means to look for darker jeans. Unfortunately, the lighter jeans are, the chunkier they make you look no matter how cute they are on the hanger. * I would also like to point out that clothes are only part of what people see when they look at you. If you are not comfortable wearing something do not wear it! You must wear clothing that makes you feel wonderful if you want others to see that wonderful personality of yours! * Also remember to dress according to your own personal style. I hope these few fashion tips will help you out in the future and keep you looking sexy as ever! * This is Becca from Florida saying keep on rockin' it fabulous curvy girls!

Winter Fashion Tips For Women Most people winter is no season to wear skirts, shorts and dresses from the summer. There are some tips that will help you to look cute, stylish and still dress warm. * Coats should be chosen based on the climate first, and fashionability second. If you live in a particularly cold winter climate, choose a wool peacoat in a color that matches most of your wardrobe. A grey peacoat with accents of color can complement a versatile wardrobe nicely. * Thigh-high and knee high boots are a popular shoe trend for the winter months, the toasty thing to wear on your feet until the thaw for the spring. * Winter clothes can look bulky, so make sure you choose clothing that flatters your shape and balances out your form. If you are heavy up top, a-line skirts will balance your bottom with your top. Short coats can make a short girl seem more leggy and tall, while long coats can have the effect of shortening a too-tall frame. * There are many options for leggings, including tights, thigh-highs, knee-highs, and many choices of fabric. Leggings come in a variety of colors and can be used to accessorize a variety of winter looks. For an edgy look, choose an original fabric pattern, or do some damage to your leggings for a tattered bohemian style. * If you live in a wet or snowy area, always have a pair of galoshes, a raincoat or an umbrella on hand to protect your winter clothes from weather damage. There are many fashionable raincoats available.

అందమైన ఫ్యాషన్ డ్రెస్సులు  Clothes made from recycled materials is now not a new thing to the fashion world.We can see fashion designers showcasing their eco-friendly clothing lines during fashion shows.

Fashionable Bond Girls Some of us watch James Bond movies for the action and drama. some of us watch for the one liners and most of all to see what the Bond Girls. * Solitaire Movie Name : Live and Let Die, 1973 According to Fleming's novel of the same name as the movie, Solitaire's real name is Simone Latrelle, and she is called Solitaire because she avoids introducing men in her life. * Honey Ryder Movie Name : Dr. No, 1962 The first on-screen official Bond girl, who we saw in the Sean Connery Bond adaptation of Ian Fleming's Dr. No, Honey Ryder set the bar rather high for all the Bond girls that followed. Although Bond was seen with Miss Taro and Sylvia Trench before Ryder makes her cinematic appearance as she emerges out of the ocean in a white bikini, she is considered the original and quintessential Bond girl. * Anya Amasova Movie Name : The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 Major Anya Amasova is a KGB agent, played by the American actress Barbara Bach. Throughout most of the film, Bond and Anya try to outdo each other as they both have same missions. Anya even agree to pose as his wife to meet the Bond villain Karl Stromberg, who later captures her and Bond comes to her rescue. * Pussy Galore Movie Name : Goldfinger, 1964 The Bond series author, Ian Fleming, created the character of Pussy Galore around his real life love interest, Blanche Blackwell. In the film, Honor Blackman played the role of this Bond girl. In the film Goldfinger, Galore is Bond's nemesis Goldfinger's personal pilot and leader of an all-women's aviators' group, Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. Unlike in the film in which Bond seduces her, in the original novel Galore is portrayed as lesbian. * Elektra King Movie Name : The World is Not Enough, 1999 Elektra King, played by the French beauty Sophie Marceau in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond starrer The World is Not Enough, is both a Bond Villain and Bond Girl. King is the other Bond villain, Renard's lover and an oil heiress. At first she appears to be a typical Bond Girl who falls for Bond, but as it turns out, she was only pretending and Bond seems to be falling for her. * Giancinta Jinx Johnson Movie Name : Die Another Day, 2002 Jinx is a National Security Agent played by Halle Berry.Jinx is fashion forward and dons different looks ranging from military chic to classic evening style to sultry beach babe. Besides the iconic orange bikini, the Versace fuchsia crystal dress that Jinx wears at the Ice Palace party was one of her many memorable outfits.

Top Ten Best Dressed Celebrity Looks Top Ten Best Celebs Dressed, Top Ten Dressed Stars: Some celebrities are better looking than others.their annual list of the top 10 best-dressed celebs And this year's crop of very very fancy clothes horses in any particular order, we'll let you go all Mean Girls on the 2012.                            

Diwali Fashion Trends Diwali is the best time of the year to show off your new clothes after all, it is the only festival where you visit all your relatives, or they visit you, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to put on a little fashion trends. * Simple and Solid Colours this season are like in women pastels or bolder shades, solid colors saries. zariand floral print saris, and get some plain single color saris instead. You can get these types of saris with a zari embroidered border, or if you are on a budget, then you can buy some lace edging separately and get it sown by the neighborhood tailor. * Polka Dots Very few people would think of wearing polka dots during the Diwali season, since it is not very traditional.Polka dots are very hot this fall/ winter season. * Jewelry  most cultures, Diwali, Dhanteras or Akshaya Tritiya is considered an auspicious time to buy jewelry. Of course, with the price of gold going through the roof this year, few people can afford to buy traditional 22 K gold jewelry.

Indian Dresses To Light Up Diwali Indian Dresses Diwali, Deepavali Fashion, Diwali Dressing Tips: People wear beautiful new clothes and add shimmer to their Diwali celebrations.Old Women, Teenage Girls, Housewife and Little Girls must usually buy bright and glamorous Indian dresses for long festival. modern lives, we get very few opportunity to wear Indian dresses. * Diwali nobody really wants to miss wearing fluttering silk sarees and pretty lehenga cholis. Moreover, as Diwali is the festival of lights, the glam quotient of the clothes is very high. There is no place for any drab clothes on this festive occasion. * The new and improvised kind of Indian outfits like the Lehenga saree are in vogue. Another style that has been resurrected from the past is the Anarkali suits.actually a lehenga but it is draped like a saree.Persian design for a kurta that is hot on the fashion meter now. here are some of the most fashionable Indian dresses that you could choose from.