Top 6 Hygiene Tips while Shopping However, many such people are unaware of the fact that a lot of dangerous germs and bacteria are waiting outside their home to attack them. All public places like shopping centers, supermarkets, and malls, where many people gather, are filled with varieties of invisible viruses and bacteria. This means, even shopping can be a great health hazard. If you really want to prevent those germs while shopping, then follow some useful hygiene tips given below. * Shopping for Contact Lens : Before you try on a new pair of contact lenses, always make sure that the salesperson is taking out them from a sealed pack that too right in front of you. The contact lenses are worn directly on the eye hence trying a pair of contaminated contact lenses can really damage your eyes. Always wash and clean the contact lenses carefully with the contact lens cleaning solution before wearing them. In case, if you feel an irksome sensation, then remove them at once and wash your eyes with water. * Shopping for Beauty Products : Before you decide to buy expensive mascara, lip gloss, face foundation, or compact powder, apparently you would like to try it out first. But beware of the tester units of such beauty products. Hundreds of women must have applied the products to their faces, mouths, & eyes, as a result, these testers will have traces of a huge number of germs and bacteria. So, never ever apply a tester straight on your face. Instead, use a very small amount on your hand then immediately clean it either with the help of luke warm water & soap or using a hand sanitizer. * Shopping for food : It has been found that the shopping cart handles are one of the most contaminated public surfaces. Daily over hundreds of customers use the shopping carts and what’s even worse is that they are not cleaned on a regular basis. As a result, the cart handles are loaded with a number of dangerous germs that can make a person sick. So, it is highly recommended to sanitize your shopping cart handle before you grab it and push it all around the store. By doing this, the germs will not come in contact with your hands. To keep your fresh veggies and fruits untouched by germs, make sure to pack them in separate bags before putting them in the cart. Plus, never ever buy meat which is kept on display; instead always opt for refrigerated packs only. Above all, see that you don’t end up buying cans or bottles which either not in good shape or have a broken seal. * Shopping for clothes : One of the greatest advantages of shopping at malls is that you can try out the clothes and verify its authenticity before deciding to make a purchase. This means, almost all items that are on display in the mall have been surely worn by people with varying standards of personal hygiene. Hence, these new clothes may get contaminated with dozens of germs and bacteria. So, every time you bring new clothes home, make sure to wash the clothes in warm water, and tumble it in the dryer for 1 cycle to kill any remaining microbes. Moreover, you can always ask the salesperson to provide you a fresh piece. Many people don’t pay attention to the racks where untouched fresh pieces of clothes are kept. * Online shopping : There exist a number of online stores that offer a huge collection of clothing and accessories. These days, a lot of people prefer to shop online since it is very much convenient and easy. Online shoppers can make purchases for anything they want at any time, day or even night. Moreover, thanks to fast shipping facility provided by online shopping sites, the online shoppers can get their purchased items right at their home within one or two business days. But think! Have you ever thought about where all these clothes and accessories are stored by the online retailers? For your kind information, all the stuff that are beautifully displayed on the website is generally stored in huge ware houses. You never know which weird insects might have crawled on your brand new shirt or trousers. Hence, it is suggested to wash your clothes before you wear them. On the other hand, if you have purchased any accessories, then wipe them nicely with sanitizing tissues before using them. * Shopping for Essential : Undergarments and socks are a few essential items which we purchase without thinking too much. However you should check out whether the store has a no trial policy for these items or not before you buy these items from any store. Nowadays, a number of stores let the customers to try on even these items. Moreover, if customers do not buy them, these stores are not actually bothered to separate out that stuff. So, there are chances that you might buy a pair of socks by thinking that they are brand new pair, which was tried on by someone before in reality. To stay away from this, the best way is to take care that you buy only packed items. Even if the packaging is slightly torn, put that item back and look out for another fresh fully-packed piece.

How to make a Fashion Show at Home Are you interested to host a fashion show with your friends and family. For this you don’t need to be fashionista on the daily basis, simply you can have a fun show with your own creativity. Then the party will turn an ordinary event into an extraordinarily fun and productive evening. * Make a list of people to invite and ask them to dress fashionably. Tell them to bring recent clothing purchases that they can't wait to show off, garments that they need help coordinating or older items that they're willing to trade. * Prepare your home to host the fashion show by deciding the layout of the party. Set up a dressing room with several tall mirrors and places to hang clothing. Decide if everyone will change into new outfits at the same time * If you have friends or family playing with you someone can be the hair and makeup dresser. * Lighting is very important for a show so bring in several extra lamps. * Get about 3 designers to pick outfits for the models. * When your friends arrive to the show, play up-tempo music in the background to create a lively atmosphere. * Treat all the audience like special guest and have to make them feel like they are coming to the designer open house. * Decide an order the models will walk in the fashion show. * Prepare refreshment to enjoy after the fashion show. You can try out for fresh juice or yogurt and cheese and snacks. * Try not to make the show a mess, this will highly affect the guests and your whole plan will be collapsed. * Once everything is done, then just enjoy the show extremely with your friends.

Choose Fashionable Club Dresses Club Dresses Fashion Design, Newest Club Dresses, Girl Wear Club Dress India: Getting ready for a club party is sometimes quite challenging. Getting ready for a club means meeting with like minded peoples and spending sometimes for yourself. Clubs were created for extremely busy peoples so that they can socialize and meet with peoples in one common place. * People pay a lot of attention to club dresses and they want to dress differently every time they go to the club. For men the dressing is usually easy. Nice pair of jeans, nice shoes, white t-shirt, best watch and that’s it. But when it comes to girls the choice of dress is huge. * We all love to dress fashionably and get complemented on how well we carry ourselves. With the fashion becoming increasingly more unique and risky, choosing the more appropriate club dresses is a challenging task. * The best approach to choose fabulous dresses for partying is to select a comfortable and stylish dress. The common wear that girls usually wear for partying is a nice dress with high heels to look gorgeous. * But high heels will be rough to wear after dancing for a couple of hours.Buying new outfits always may not be possible for all so the trick is to mix and match the dresses to come with a unique set. * You can wear the accessories that compliment your outfit to complete the fashionable look. Besides being comfortable, the club outfit should also look elegant and stylish. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, consider choosing a red or blue mini dress.

Neck Designs for Chudidhars Different Neck Designs for Chudidhars, Churidar Neck Designs, Latest Neck Designs Churidars, Different Types of Neck Designs: The girls like to wear different varieties of Chudidhars and they also prefer exclusive neck designs. One might opt for one of the neck patterns with personal choice or keeping suitability in mind. Not only does the neck cut vary but also the thread work in this region adds to the variety of chudidhar necks designs. Apart from the basic round, square, v shaped and u shaped necks a lot of innovative ones like leaf, heart and zig zag patterns have evolved. Every women or young girl wants looking gorgeous and admissible for younger’s.

Why Do Women Love Shopping So Much Shopping has been women’s first love probably since Homo sapiens came into being. I am fairly sure that when the caveman brought a deer home for food, the cave woman probably said, ‘But I already have a deer skin which I’m tired of wearing. Why didn’t you get a sabre tooth?’ * If you survey women in all countries, religions, caste, class and age, the one thing that usually doesn’t change is their worship for shopping. Most women love being the first ones to wear the latest styles and look different from the crowd. ‘What’s the fun in wearing what everyone else is wearing? I like to shop ‘cause I love wearing the latest trends’, says Namrata Shah, a student. * Moreover, shopping for women is as relaxing as a luxurious spa. Many women pick up their purses and head to a mall when they are stressed out. A majority of women find this relaxing and calming. As Meeta Mehta, a homemaker puts it, ‘There’s something about shopping that just makes me so happy. Every shop has a riot of colours and so many styles to choose from. With new things turning up every day, how can you not get excited?’ * Dr Kinjal Goyal, psychotherapist, says, ‘Woman feel a sense of power when they shop because this is something they do for themselves and have complete control over.’ * A friend of mine had once said that at any given day, women hate 3/4th of the elements in their closet. Homemaker Sonal Parekh seconds this with, ‘I tend to get bored with my clothes after a while. Nowadays the fashion changes so fast and being in style is one thing I love. Also, the more often I shop, the more knowledgeable I get about the latest trends, prices, different shops, etc.’ * While men can still bear shopping (although just barely) they simply hate the concept of window shopping. ‘How in the world does it makes sense to just have a look around, when you aren’t even going to buy it?!’ says Raj Shah, a businessman. * His wife, Meera, shoots back, ‘It’s to gain knowledge! You get to know what styles are in, which shops have a good collection, which ones have good quality clothes, what are the current prices and also, it’s fun!’ But it’s highly doubtful if guys will ever understand this point of view. * With more and more women entering the corporate world, their spending power has increased considerably, which only fuels their favourite hobby. ‘I once splurged my entire month’s salary on a lot of shopping.’ shares Priyanka Talreja, a writer. ‘It was such a high! It gives a sense of accomplishment and independence to spend your money.’ * Online shopping is another phenomenon which has given considerably boost to their shopping sprees. Says Dr Kinjal Goyal, ‘Women tend to overspend when they use credit cards, or shop online, simply because they are not seeing the physical money disappearing from their hands, which is why using hard money is always a better option if you want to avoid overspending.’ * Although there are various reasons why shopping is universally women’s first love, Kajal Shrimankar, a teacher, sums it up nicely, ‘When you see people wearing pretty things, you want them too. It’s human nature. And we women have so much choice – we have a variety of clothes, accessories, clips, shoes, sandals and what not! Besides, shopping means new things, a new pleasant vibe! Is it really a wonder that we are never tired of it?’  

The Indian Saree Six Yards Of Sophistication A normal saree measures 6 yards in length, which is draped around waist in such in India, the draping style differs from region to region and state to state. It is considered the most sensuous, stylish and sophisticated attire even today. Sarees have been around since the time we know, and yet it gets itself invented, reinvented, recreated and redefined with every user and designer.Just follow the below basic guidelines on how to choose sarees. * Saree is a wonderful creation. It gives that sensuous touch, feminine appeal, and gives the wearer an absolute ladylike feel, with a special spark and charm. * Every bride, no matter how modern you think you are, has a saree as a part of her trousseau. * Do you wonder why some sarees make you look thin and some make you look as if you have put on a couple of kilos? If you choose the fabric wisely, it will drape well on your body and compliment the curves. * If you are slim and below your weight range, then wear cotton saree, tissue saree, cotton silk or brocade sarees. Basically the fabric of the saree should be little heavy, so that it makes you look healthy. Choose well fitted petticoat. If you have broad shoulders than make very simple blouses. * If you are on the healthier side, or have a bit of variation at the waist, than wear georgette, chinon or chiffon saree. This will make you look attractive and appear slimmer. Also choose blouses wisely. If your bust is also heavy than don’t opt for halter blouses or very deep necklines. Women with a variation at waist should avoid net sarees. Choose medium motifs or design for your saree. * Net and lace sarees are very in, this season. These fabrics are very delicate in appearance. But if teamed up with inappropriate blouse styles than they can look very messy. * Sarees fits with ease, since it is not cut nor tailored for any particular size. So it is important to drape the saree well. The border draping should be in line. The Guajarati style of draping makes the lower bodies look heavy so people with heavy waistline should avoid it. * The kind of blouse styles you choose is very important. Halter neckline, noodle straps, backless are best used for a party kind of scenario, while for a traditional occasion use more of a moderate style. For example if you like halter, than get stitched a deep shoulder set. * Like blouses, petticoats also play an important role. For a net saree, you cannot use cotton petticoat. For a net saree use satin, brocade or shimmery material petticoat. For a brocade saree use satin or a pliable material for your petticoat. Cotton petticoats may be used for cotton sarees, and silk sarees. * For professionals who prefer saree to work, there are excellent choices in cottons and silks. Have geometric or abstract borders and the length of the borders should be anything from one inch three inches. * In professional wear, always keep the saree and blouse simple. Have collars on your blouse to bring up the authority, or at least have half to three quarter length of sleeves. Keep the net and chiffon sarees for informal occasions only. * Drape your saree very well. Airlines and hotel industry is the best example of how to wear a saree in a workplace. Always pin the saree at proper places. When you are at work, you don’t want people to have a wrong impression about you. * Use your old saris and lehengas with kalis or panels, and transform them into beautiful Anarkalis. The sari borders can be used as a beautiful border on the bottom of the Anarkali and used to detail the dupatta. * Get your old silk saree and stitch it into a jacket style suit, with contrasting silk cigarette pants or straight pants. If it’s a printed saree, than put some Swarovski stones on the neckline and/or sleeves. For a dressy look, team it up with matching stone studded sandals and a gorgeous clutch bag. * If your saree fabric is too fancy for you to use in making a salwar kameez, use it as covers for beds, or make fancy throw pillows. Did you know, in the early stages, people of both sexes wore the saree? It became more refined, adjustable and in tune with the gender needs of men and women. With passage of time, the garment came to be known as dhoti, and made in tune with the physical appearance of men folk. And with women, the garment's name remained the same, a saree.

Best Dresses for Your 20s 30s 40s Till few months back that was like a staple for me. Have to take my son, Aarav to the garden? I wear tee and jeans. Going to a dinner? I am wearing a fancy tee and jeans. Got to go to Aarav's school meeting? I am wearing a basic tee and jeans. So practically I have stayed in and out of jeans, like I did in college. But then it struck me suddenly, I will be soon turning 30, and while I like to believe that 30's is the new 20's, the truth is that my body, my face, my social interactions, and many other things around me have changed. So I guess I should start dressing appropriately, as per my age at each occasion. People say 30’s are the time to be more serious about life and style and Image. Well no, not really. This is the age where you are not on a fixed pocket money to shop, you are not under peer pressure, and you have a mind of your own. So here are my tips to dress fashionably at thirties: * Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel confident. Invest in quality fabrics, cuts and clothes that flatter your body, while steering clear of juvenile prints and tight or revealing clothes. As Marilyn Monroe said, ‘Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman, but loose enough to show you're a lady.’ * You can still be fashion forward by pairing simple patterns and statement jewelry. My recommendations are bigger pieces of jewelry, because you exude the confidence it takes to pull these pieces off. * Don’t follow fashion blindly. Coloured pants are in fashion right now, so get at least one according to your body shape and style, but don’t get anything and everything that is available. So follow only those things that you are comfortable in, and not just because it is in. That way you will be able to get your money’s worth. * Buy good quality shoes. Shoes add a good elegance to your whole outfit. Have your shoes occasion wise. Peep-toes or heels for formals, sandals for slightly casual days, loafers or moccasin’s for a day out, and slip-ons only for the beach. Currently a whole range of styles are available so check what suits you. * Dressing like a 20-year old, no matter how much it might suit you, won't keep you looking young. Develop a look and personal style that has more sophistication, but retain some fun elements if that is your personality. Develop a style that is you from inside out, if you are feminine, look for fabrics which drape and have some softness. * Jeans are a great staple in many wardrobes, look for darker denims in plain washes rather than ripped or torn or distressed. Wear them with a funky sandal or flat or whatever the time and place demands. Throw out or donate jeans that are more than five years old. * Invest in some good blouses (casual and dressy), instead of wearing tees everywhere. * Get a trendy haircut by a good stylist who understands your lifestyle and day in general. A good haircut is like a quick makeover, it goes a long way if done well. * Invest in good quality creams for your skin. This is important for all ages but 30s are the most important. The way you treat your skin now, it will show the results later in life.

Dazzling Wedding Makeup Looks Dazzle Wedding Make Up All women would want to look perfect on her wedding day. Exact makeup is one of the key. The main purpose of wedding makeup is to make the bride, especially brides, look more beautiful. It required knowledge, imagination, and analysis of how to beautify the bride according to the character or the taste of the bride.

Best Platinum Necklaces Best Platinum Necklaces, Fashion Trends Necklaces, Celebrity Style Fashion Trends Necklaces, Celebrity Jewelry: Our luxury chain platinum necklaces and bracelets made from platinum.The best alloys are usually cobalt and ruthenium though the amount of platinum used should be high like 95% for the platinum necklace. * Platinum's interpretation of the mystical garden of Eden. Delicate platinum floral pieces arranged in this dual finished necklace with prong set diamonds. Accessorised with matching platinum earrings. (Pt.Wt - 64.25 gm / D.Wt - 0.39 ct) * A harmony of platinum's natural lustre and radiance of diamonds. Platinum and prong set diamond rings with a floral touch neatly arranged in this beautiful necklace. A traditional motif captured in a modern form. (Pt.Wt - 45.92 gm / D.Wt - 1.40 ct) * A ceremonial piece of jewellery, this platinum necklace is created to match your exclusivity. Platinum circles with diamond studded rims hooked to high polish platinum beads. (Pt.Wt - 18.30 gm / D.Wt - 2.31 ct) * Platinum displays character with even the finest jewellery. Dual finish platinum tanmanya with channel set diamonds for an aura of romance. (Pt.Wt - 6.50 gm / D.Wt - 0.31 ct) * A modern expression of a tanmaya in precious and rare platinum set on a rolling wave effect. Presented in high polish platinum mixed with prong set diamonds. (Pt.Wt - 7.08 gm / D.Wt - 0.22 ct)

Lifestyle Fashion Imagine having a great day at work or a fun-filled vacation of which you enjoyed every moment. Only, to hear a different story from your skin, when you return. A skin tan means deep skin damage most of which is not even visible to the eye. Harmful UV rays penetrate your skin’s deepest layers and attack the skin cells, resulting in long term damage in the form of sun spots, pigmentation and age lines. However, this damage varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle. Some of us are exposed to the sun more than the rest. Which is why it’s necessary to choose a sunscreen with an SPF rating suited to your lifestyle. The working woman From the time you step out of your home till the time your work ends, you are exposed to the sun’s rays in one way or the other. It doesn’t really matter if you are working in a fully air-conditioned organization or sweating it out in the sun, because staying indoors may save you from getting a tan, but not from the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating into your skin. Get smart, use sunscreen every day. * The frequent traveler Does your work involve a lot of travelling? Or do you simply travel for the love of it? In either case, make sure sunscreen becomes a permanent part of your travel kit. Be very liberal with your sunscreen around sand, water or snow; these elements intensify UV rays. Cover all exposed skin, from the tips of your ears to the tips of your toes. * On a vacation Whether you’re taking off on a long, exotic holiday or simply taking a break for a few days at a hill station closer home, keep your sunscreen handy. Sun spots and wrinkles are the last thing you want after you return from a refreshing break. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘safe tan’. A tan, no matter how light, is a sign of deep skin damage and must be tended to. * The sports lover If you are an athlete or simply love a game in the sun, it’s a must for you to carry sunscreen at all times. Since you’re outdoors for long periods of time, your skin stays exposed to the sun longer than others – which can lead to long term damage, including cancer, if you’re careless with skin care. Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin at least 20 minutes before going outside to allow it time to 'soak' in and offer the best protection. Be sure to get all the easily-missed areas like behind ears and knees, as well as below your waist band. Apply a little extra on the nose and forearms, which get the most exposure. Re-apply every two to three hours, regardless of SPF. * The beach lover Who doesn’t love the beach? Truth be told, a beach is one of the best places to relax and rewind at. Be smart and don’t let the sun spoil your party. Keep applying a high SPF sunscreen every few hours or every time you go swimming. That the sun’s UV rays are the strongest near water bodies is a well known fact. So be generous with the amount of sunscreen you use. Your skin will be thankful for it.

Crystal Harris Fashion and Style Crystal Harris is an American born, British glamour model, singer, and television personality. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for December 2009. On December 24, 2010, she became engaged to Hugh Hefner, to become his third wife. Wikipedia Born: April 29, 1986 (age 26), Lake Havasu City Height: 1.68 m Weight: 56.2 kg Parents: Ray Harris Partner: Hugh Hefner (2012–) Education: La Jolla High School, San Diego State University. Crystal Harris Fashion and Style * Crystal Harris makes an appearance at the Crazy Horse III and Posh Boutique night club in Las Vegas * Having moved on since leaving Hugh Hefner just days before their planned wedding, Crystal Harris was in fine form as she tended to hostess duties in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday night with the blonde beauty clad in a little black dress from CLD Style House.

Make Your Own Stylish with Color Blocking Let me get you introduced to the vogue concept of Color Blocking, which could do wonders for your style statement. Don’t close this page, even if you are not a fashionista. This is a simple concept that can make any lady, whether simple lazy who does care to dress, or a plain Jane who has no means to dress, look uber cool, beautiful and chic, without a large spend of their pockets. * Coming to the point, color blocking is nothing, but an effective choice of colored clothing. Simple mono colors for your pant and shirt, or skirt and top, can make you look chic. For example, the simple but effective style statement that most business women make, is with well-fitted dark denims, and a plain white simple shirt. * Here, there are only two colors at work, dark blue, and white. This is what is known as color blocking. Of course, you could have you shirt divided into color, maybe the upper half till the bust could be orange and lower half from the under bust could be white jazzes with navy blue jeans. Then this could be a dash mono color white, orange, and navy blue. * In this way a number of colors could be put in place in your clothing, but making sure that they are fitted in definite shapes. That’s the entire point of color blocking. * Make sure that the mono color is filled in a particle part of block of your attire. Just like how we painted color on blocks and definite shapes in Coloring books and paint smudging outside sketches lost us marks in art exams. * All right, if you have got what I’m trying to say I would like to suggest and illustrate Indian attire with color blocking. Imagine a well fitted bright hot pink ‘kameez’, totally plain minus design and any sort of design work or print, coupled with a bright orange plain cotton ‘churidar’ less print, or design with a lime green, or may be a bright red cotton ‘chunari’ or ‘dupatta’. * Note here, we are using these simple colors, and creating magic with only color, reducing the details of art work and designs. For the cool ladies, I suggest blocking color in a pair of hot shorts with teamed up with a simple racer back, in any favorite mono color. * Some personal recommendations my side would include wearing contrasting shoes, be it simple stilettos, or lady like ballerinas. * Secondly, make sure your color blocking happens with a range of complementing color. Like red, oranges and pinks can be used together, while color like turquoise, blue, green, yellow can be used together. * I suggest the use of chunky and loud jewelry, stones, large imitation crystals, etc to break the real simplicity behind color blocking.

Formal Dressing Indian Styles for Women This is my special contribution for women who want conservative dressing advice. How do you dress a lady who does not like to show her shoulders or maybe the tip of her ankle? My advice to conventional Indian women who want to dress the conservative way is, being conservative about clothes you wear reflects nothing but your comfort levels in public. So don’t feel defensive about it. Hands down, there is no arguing about it that each woman envisions her body and style of clothes in a different comfort zone than others. In India, it is very common to find families that are very particular about what their daughters and daughters-in-law wear in public. Here’s my helping hand to our traditional women, who want to fit into the corporate world, where tight fitted office shirts with a peek-a-boo cleavage show and swanky high heels are common, with an élan and style of their own. * Ensemble One A simple high necked and hemmed colour kurti with a simple Patiala salwar, and smart shoes. Nowadays kurti with three-fourth sleeves are in vogue. It’s my personal favourite, as it looks super-classy, and the length maintains your body’s shape. Go colour blocking, it’s doing the round these days. (Check out Get Stylish with Color Blocking) * Ensemble Two If you are fashionista living in a conservative and traditional environment, or with parents, then here’s a special deal for you. Try getting yourself the new Jodhpuris pants in vogue, and couple it with a crisp white shirt. This is sure to make a many jealous. There are two reasons I recommend this outfit. This is because, the Jodhpuris cover the entire leg and a crisp shirt, and not necessarily tight (in fact I prefer a baggy one), can do wonders for an old school gorgeous lady like you. * Ensemble Three You want to wear a simple sari and make it look sexy and classy without the skin show? Get a tailor made cap sleeve blouse of half chiffon, and half cotton, with cotton for the bodice, and chiffon for the sleeves. It’s difficult to explain, but yes, I’m talking about something like Kareena Kapoor donned in chart buster song ‘Chammak Challo’ in the movie, Ra-One. There is no need to worry when it comes to dressing up and be full-clothed. Do let me know if you have any further queries. I can suggest a few more ideas, or maybe take you off a dilemma, for a party on Saturday night this weekend.

Indian Fashion Tips for Women Fashion and beauty tips for India with the latest on trends, dresses, accessories, makeup and Indian Fashions Get updated Indian Fashion articles, Indian Fashion tips, discussions, photos, videos on Aslo share your comments on Indian fashion tips for women. * One of the biggest trends for spring is denim. You can find it in skirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, and shirts and even kurtas. * These are the basics measurements you need to find your correct bra size. With a measuring tape, measure around the torso at the underarm level and under the breasts. If the number is odd, add one to it. For example, if your measurement is 35, your bra size will be 36. Next, measure around your bust at its fullest part. Subtract the bra size from this number. * Pin a safety pin to the inside of your slacks in case of an emergency. If a button comes off or the zipper breaks you will be prepared. * Are your zippers sticking? Rub them with a lead pencil and they will slide smoothly. * When you buy an everyday item, try to think of at least three things you already own that you can wear with that item. * Choose your accessories wisely. Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit. * Women with larger hips should choose jeans that are generously cut through the hips with a flared leg. * When losing weight, don't wait to choose wardrobe pieces. Choose pieces that will camouflage problem areas. * Clothes in solid colors with simple lines will make you appear taller. * Always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a special occasion * Wear straight silhouettes in a solid colour to hide a thick waist. * The skinner the stripe, the thinner you appear. * Don't wear black on a hot day or at a wedding. * A straight cut skirt and full leg pants will hide large thighs. * To appear shorter, jackets or tops should fall below the hips. * To lengthen your legs wear slim, straight leg pants. * To appear taller and thinner, try a pinstripe suit. * Long sleeves should hit just at the wrist bone. * When you are wearing a white shirt, wear a bra close to your skin color. * To hide wide hips, try an a-line style dress. * Give a new updated look to an old blouse or jacket by sewing on new buttons. * Pleats add pounds. If you want to look larger through the hips, wear pleats. If you don't, avoid pleats! · If clothes don't fit, have them altered. If they don't fit, they'll remain in the closet. * Using colour to balance your body is a great idea. Wear light colours where you re small and dark colours where larger. For example, if you have large hips, wear dark skirts or pants and a light coloured blouse. Wearing set-in sleeves with shoulder pads will help you to balance wide hips. The shoulder pads will add to your shoulders therefore balancing with your hips. * Don't choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make you appear slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds. * Wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.

Celebrities Sparkle in Platinum Jewellery Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery Fashion, Platinum Jewellery Trends, Platinum Jewellery Inspiration: A number of film stars and celebrities chose platinum jewellery to complete their look when attending premieres and events in december. * Young and vivacious Genelia unveils a new range of precious and rare platinum jewellery at Joyalukkas * Prachi Desai said, 'The metal is so beautiful and naturally white and diamonds lock beautiful when set in platinum.' * Sameera said, 'I like Platinum for its understated elegance, its color and the fact that it gives contemporary touch.' * Bollywood siren Jacqueline Fernandez unveils an exclusive range of precious and rare platinum jewel * Raveena Tandon launches an exclusive new range of precious and rare platinum jewellery at Ranka Jewellers in Pune.

Gossip Girl Fashion Style Most recently the addition of Charlie, Serena’s cousin, brought a more casual glamour to Gossip Girl fashion.Serena’s shoe collection could also rival that of Carrie Bradshaw a neverending display of Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia, Jimmy Choo, Brian Atwood and more. Serena popularized the now oft-seen ankle bootie with short dress, made popular by Gossip Girl fashion.One of the greatest things about being a fashionable couch potato is Gossip Girl fashion.

Dressing Up Kids for the Festive Season Indians love our festivals and this is that time of the year when every part of the country is in the mood for celebration. Durga Puja, Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, the coming months are full of fun, especially for kids. There’s an air of excitement in the air and children love the idea of lights, crackers, gifts, music and delectable food. When it comes to festivities, we love dressing up our little angels in traditional attire. These days there is so much variety in children’s apparel, you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t think girls have it better than boys you will be surprised at the fashionable clothes available for the little charmers. * Ram Navami Puja To celebrate the last day of Navratri and to give thanks to Goddess Durga, a puja is organized, usually at home with family, friends and kanjaks. You can dress your kids in traditional salwar kameez for girls, or kurta with jeans for boys. Since it is more at a personal level, you don’t have to go overboard with the clothing. Make sure you get breathable cotton fabric for your children. * Durga Puja This is a typical Bengali festival that celebrates the glory of Goddess Durga. It’s carried out in full glory with many pandals carrying figurines of the Goddess. The air is filled with music and the smell of traditional delicacies. Bengali women can mostly be seen in white sarees with red borders, so the same can be extended to your little princess. Don’t forget to complete the look with vermillon tikas (small dot) and alta (a red liquid) on the feet. Little boys look very cute in white kurtas and dhotis, but you can also go for colored options. * Diwali Perhaps the most awaited festival of India, excitement for Diwali starts way before the actual day. Who wouldn’t love decorating their homes with diyas and candles, and scream in delight as firecrackers burst away? However, this is also the time when a lot of fire accidents happen. So while dressing up your children this Diwali, make sure you get clothes that don’t attract fire. While lehenga cholis are a great option for girls, you can do without the dupattas, as it is prone to catching fire. The material should not be synthetic either. For boys, a smart traditional jacket over a kurta, or an angrakha outfit will look absolutely perfect. * Bhai Dooj This is a festival where the special bond between brothers and sisters is celebrated. The dress code depends on whether you choose to do an informal get together or a formal occasion. Lehenga cholis usually work well for little girls. A long skirt with a top also looks good and is comfortable to wear. Boys can be dressed in lakhnawi kurtas, paired with churidar pyjamas, or pathani salwars. Dhoti pants with a tee can also be worn for a slightly informal look as do jodhpurs. Just make sure of the size and material before you buy. So go ahead and shop to your heart’s content for your little cherubs.

Pongal Special Fashion For Indian Ladies Pongal Special Fashion Ladies, Pongal 2012 Fashion Girls, Girls Fashion Pongal: Pongal is one such Indian harvest festival that is prominently celebrated. The next day is special too In some rural areas it is a fashion special sarees for young teenage and unmarried girls of the town or village to wear their best and assemble in local.                                                     Click More Pongal Special Fashion For Indian Ladies