How to Dress to Accentuate Curves

Fashion Tips Shaped Body, How to Dress Accentuate Curves, Clothing Create Curves, How to Dress Curvy Body: Both styles nip in at the waist, making it look even thinner while accentuating your upper and lower curves.

* Whether you're thin or heavy, baggy clothes are just plain unattractive and tent-like. They just hide your body and make you appear as if you are not confident. Choose comfortable clothing that lightly skims the body, especially around the waist and hips.

* If you must wear one baggy item, make sure you wear another form-fitting item. For example, choose a fitting top with a ruffled skirt. Or wear skinny jeans with a loose peasant top.

* Wrap dresses and skirts cut on the bias flatter just about every body type, and pay homage to your curves. Skirts that fall just above the knee are the most attractive length for most women.

* If you're very skinny or small-busted, wearing form fitting layers can help create the illusion of having more on top. Flowing fabrics that have a lot of movement, like chiffon, will also make you look even curvier.

* Buy jackets that are cinched in at the waist. Opt for dresses with tie back sashes. These styles will show off your hourglass figure. And if you don't happen to have an hourglass figure, they will help visually create one. Wearing a wide belt with pants will also help draw attention to your waist.

* Unless it's the dead of winter, try to keep your neckline open. V-necks are particularly flattering. Showing a bit of cleavage is fine. Just make sure your clothing is appropriate to the occasion (Funerals and business meetings are not the place to show off your ta-tas!) .

* And please make sure that your "girls" are not spilling out from your clothing. You want to look curvy, not trashy.If you really want to play the part of the vamp, wear a necklace or dangling earrings that will draw even more attention to your decolletage.