Indian Brides Should Try Messy Look

Indian brides Messy Look, Indian Brides Fashion, Indian Brides Fashionable: The clean cut is not fashionable, says well-known French hairstylist Laurent Decreton, who believes older Indian women should not shy away from trying a messy or classic look.

He also suggests that brides be more adventurous by adopting trendy hairstyles for their D-day. Decreton, who himself sports very short hair, said: "I think women should try new fashionable styles and experiment with hairdos. Hairstyles in India are very formal. It should not be that formal. I feel it's only young girls who are playing with hair in India."

Decreton suggests that "Indian weddings and the hairstyles are very formal. But Indian women should change this habit and try new, trendy hairstyles for wedding. That is the reason we picked wedding as the theme for the same. Weddings are all about happiness, trying something new gives confidence and happiness to the bride."

He started his career at a young age of 19 and has 30 years of experience in hairstyling. Decreton never had a mentor and his creations are the outcome of his imagination.