The Art of Conversation


Conversation has made a man, a civilised person. It is only through conversation that we could express our feelings directly. It is only through conversation that we know about the opinions and objections of whom we are speaking to. But, many ignore the fact that conversation is just like any other art. We excel in it if we follow some basic tricks...


Listen more: Good listeners are often praised as good speakers. Because... in the course of conversation... listening is as important as speaking. People often try to dominate the conversation by explaining much about themselves and their views. Such a takeover would often leave the other person feel inferior and embarrassing.


No Debates:  People often start with a pleasant conversation and end up with fumed debates. It’s always safe not to enter into controversial issues while speaking. Varied people may have varied opinions about varied things... and you need not try contradicting each one of their views, especially when you are involved in an informal talk.


Be Clear and confident:  People keep mumbling and stammering during their conversation. Being clear and confident would always yield the best opinions for us. We might not be great orators to win every speech in our lives, but we can always excel in the little conversations of our daily life. We should be clear in delivering our opinion, our sentence formation... and it is only through confidence and practice that we could achieve such clarity.


The subject of conversation:  Every person is unique in his character. But two people in conversation can always have common subject that’s interesting to both of them. So, if you wish to come out as a winner out of conversation, choose to talk about a subject that is of mutual interest.


Honour the partner:  People often wish to evolve as a hero out of their conversations. They spend much time in expressing their opinions and elevating their character. They won’t let others speak and would often interrupt in between. Such a conversation could only satisfy the ego of the dominant speaker but would hurt their partner in conversation. Let others speak, let him say much about himself, compliment him for his abilities, react to his humour... let him feel your recognition. And you will be the winner of the conversation and his heart.


- Nirjara.