The SIXTH Annual Brahmotsavam of Sri RanganAtha Temple (Pomona, New York) is scheduled to start from Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 8th, 2012. The celebration attracts devotees from all parts of US.

The term "utsava" means a festival that raises one beyond the darkness of material life. The name Brahmotsavam comes from the fact that Lord Brahma conducted this festival first, to honor the LORD of the Universe, Lord SrimanNarayana. The Brahmotsavam celebration provides a unique opportunity for all devotees to participate in the festivities and experience the “VaikunthaAnubhavam” (enjoyment and feeling of being in Vaikuntham) and receive the blessings of Sri Mahalakshmi and Lord SrimanNarayana. During the days of the festival, the religious activities include daily homas and processions for the utsavamurti on different vahanas (Adi-Sesha, Gaja, Hanumanth, Garuda, Kalpa-vriksha, Ashwa&Flower-Pallaki).

Dhwajarohana: The festival starts on the June 29th evening with “Ankurarpana” (sowing of the seeds to signify fertility, prosperity and abundance) along with a festival for Sri Vishvaksena (the leader of Narayana’s retinue to remove obstacles and protect the worship).  On June 30th, Dhwajaarohana is conducted by hoisting the Garuda-flag signifying the commencement of the Brahmotsavam. It is believed that Garuda goes to heaven and invites all the Gods and Sages to attend the Brahmotsavam.

Garuda-Vahana-&-Ashwa-Seva: On Sunday, July 1st, at 10 AM, the Lord is taken out in procession on Garuda as his celestial  vehicle symbolizing the Gajendra-Moksha incident, and on Sunday, July 7th at 6 Pm on Ashwa-Vahana, symbolizing  the forthcoming KalkiAvathara (also Lord SrimanNarayanaassumed a form with a Horse head during His Incarnation as Hayagreeva, the Lord of All Education and the Vedas.

Rathostavam: On the penultimate day (Sunday, July 7th) morning, Lord Ranganathais taken out in a procession along with his consorts, seated on a fully decorated Chariot pulled by the devotees with the chanting of GovindaNama. Templewill be flooded with devotees to witness this occasion. It is believed and said that those who witness the Lord seated on the Chariot during Rathostavam will not be reborn.

Chakra-Snanam: On Sudnay, July 8th, the last day of the Brahmostavam, special abhishekamis held for utsavamoorthy of Lord Ranganathaand his concerts Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Later, the priests take the Sudarsana-Chakra (celestial-Disc weapon of the Lord) for a holy bath in the special bathing pool and all devotees bathe afterwards in that pool of water. It is believed and said that one will get absolved of all the sins by taking a dip in along with the Sudarshana-Chakra on this day.

Dwaja-avarohanam: The celebration officially concludes with “Dhvaja-avarohanam,” the lowering of the Garuda flag. The priests pay respects to Gods and Sages with the chanting of Vedic mantras and see them off on their return to the Heaven.

For more details on this Brahmotsavam, please visit or call 845-364-9790 to talk to a Priest.


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