Sri Sai Baba Ratha Yathra in USA

Padmanabhan Gopalachari (former Atlanta Sai Temple priest) is now undertaking the ownership to build a big Sai Temple in Nashville, TN. Before the sthapana, they are doing Ratha Yatra of the Sai Padukas that came from Shiridi. Whoever invites BABA to their home for pooja, a route will be planned for the same and the pooja will be performed and the pallaki will be walked all around your home. It is a blessed opportunity to Shanti the home. 


A minimum donation of $150.00 is requested to perform pooja at your home. It will take 1.5 to 2hrs. Only four homes per day will be done at the following times


1. 7:30 AM (Kaakad Aarti)

2. 11:30 AM (Madhyaan Aarti)

3.  4:30 PM (Dhup Aarti)

4.  7:30 PM. (Sej Aarti)


Depending on the number of devotees requests, stay in the city will be planned. JAX route will be starting from May 20th. Additional details of the Pooja

1. Duration – 1:30 to 2:00 hours

2.  All of these Poojas will be performed in each house – Ganapathi Pooja, Abhishekam, Ashtothram, Arathi, Palaki Uregimpu & Ooyala seva.  Any other requested Pooja will be performed if time permits.

3. Items needed – Fruits (5 types), Flowers (2 Bunches), Coconuts (2), Milk (1 Gallon), Ghee (1 small bottle), Aluminum Trays (2 Big), Paper Towels (1), Prasadam/Naivedhyam

Upon devotees requests to heed to the busy schedules, priest will do group poojas, where sponsors can choose a common place and perform pooja in groups.


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