Hong Kong Lo Kaartika Vanabhojanalu

The Hong Kong Telugu Samakhya, for the sixth consecutive year had Kaartika Vanabhojanam at Hong Kong's famous Lavendar Gardens. With growing numbers of youngsters migrating to Hong Kong professionaly , there was lot of energy and zeal among THKTS members. Having taken out time from their long & busy work shedules, everybody had tried to enjoy the Nature's beauty to its most. They enjoy being together, though for a short while and look forward to it every year. The Bus ride that members living in different locations are picked up makes it more thrilling and enjoyable . There were lot of activities available at the gardens like Fishing , Feeding animals , Water Games and Candle making. For Garden lovers , there were a wide range of plants available to buy and take home and also had information sessions on gardening.

Set against the mountain of Hok Tau (Fanling), Lavender Garden is a place where one can relax and enjoy the countryside with all modern conveniences at hand. It's a different side of Hong Kong, the serenity and greenery are a welcome escape from the busy life style of Hong Kong.

There's a turtle pond full of lively fish and turtles that one can feed. There are many different varieties of turtle - like the Alligator Snapping Turtle, weighing in at over 15 kilogrammes. There were goats & koi carp that kids were never tired of feeding all the time that they had spent at Lavender Gardens.

Kids and Adults enjoyed making their very own candles, choose a glass and fill it with colourful stones, with pouring the melted wax, made a great unique gift for friends and family.

There was a a wide range of flowers and herbs - herbs that can thrive in Hong Kong's hot and humid environment, with a little loving care , that are perfect for Hong Kong's windowsill. Lavender Garden is a lot more than just a garden. In Hong Kong the season to see Lavender at its best is in Autumn and Winter,when it dry and cold.

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