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We have heard and read a lot about the symbolism behind GANESHA. But he always seems to have a few more glimpses that need to be noticed and followed. And here are a few of them...

Our own laughing Buddha:

While the China Bazaars have become a part of Indian market, everyone seems to be aware of `The laughing Buddha` statues. It is said that the big belly of laughing Buddha indicates his joyful mood and contended mind. But we've already has Vinayaka as our omen for abundance. Despite of our differences in caste and creed, everyone amongst the rich and poor are left with the basic need to satisfy their hunger. The belly of Ganesha and his blessing hand (abhaya hasta) assures us of obtaining everything that we need.

Why only the Elephant head?

We have the Lion, which is the king of the jungle. We have the Eagle, which is the queen of the skies. We have a lot of animals that are powerful and vigilant. Then why was an Elephant chosen to be the head of Vinayaka? Studies have shown that Elephants were highly intelligent. Elephants are social beings like humans and they live in herds. The leader of the herd is very keen about each and every member in her group. Elephants do possess great levels of memory due to which, they could recognise even a piece of cloth after decades. Now it's easy to associate the qualities of Ganesha with an elephant.

The Tusk!

Ganesha is seen holding a tusk in his hands. He indeed has used that tusk to scribble Mahabharata while Vyasa narrated it. We have a saying that `knowledge is weapon`. Ganesha seems to have proven this by using his weapon for the cause of knowledge. With a tusk on his head and another in his hand, Ganesha has given equal importance to strength as well as knowledge!


With a mouse as his vehicle and a body that can barely run, Ganesha has never lost the confidence to achieve the task. He always found a way to reach the goal despite his limitations. The famous story of race between Kumara Swamy and Vinayaka proves the point. With the challenge to encircle the world, while Kumara Swamy flew as fast as he can around the world. Ganesha has simply circled his parents, knowing that they are indeed 'his world'. So! Whatever might be our resources, whatever might be the situation and whoever might be our opponent... we always have a chance to reach the goal!

The mouse:

The vehicle of Ganesha seems to be the most inappropriate of all vehicles in devlok. Ganesha has the head of an elephant and a pot belly that is unbearable for a mouse to carry. Besides he has a snake tucked around his belly, which is a natural enemy of mouse. Now why a Mouse! Mouse is the most common creature before our eyes. It would spoil our paddy fields, it would chew our food... a mouse is said tospoil anything that is destructible! In other words, a mouse is a synonym for the word TROUBLE! So Lord Ganesh does ride on troubles and keep them under his control!  A few scholars feel that riding on mouse indicates the alertness of Ganesha, as a mouse is known to sneak away quickly!


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