Will Jagan ever offer Sharmila a key post in party?

Publish Date:Aug 31, 2013



When, Sharmila has completed her 3000 km tiresome padayatra for the sake of party, there were speculations that she may be offered a key post in the party by her brother Jagan Mohan Reddy, but nothing such thing happened until now. So, still she has no official identity in the party till date, but recognized and being honored as sister of party president.


Probably, Jagan Mohan Reddy doesn’t want to invite any new problems by offering her a key post in the party, with which a clash among the family members may take place over having control over the party. A section of media working against him and his party has long ago published spicy stories about power centers in YSR Congress party, but they are proved to be false as no one in the family came forward claiming rights over the party.


However, Jagan Mohan Reddy may have to offer Sharmila some key post in the party to ensure her programs, statements and commitments to people are official. Probably, he may offer her some key post, if he couldn’t secure bail in the next month. He is aware that it is very difficult to face the general elections without his physical presence. In case, if he fails to secure bail in the next month then he has to install her in key post for a smooth operation of the party in his absence, though there is a risk of having clashes between family members.

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“Murder” sounds relatively pale and less gruesome in comparison with inhumane practice called Female feticide (and infanticide), which tends to be rather ubiquitous and customary across several nations on this planet.

రిజర్వు బ్యాంకు రుణాలను రీ-షెడ్యూల్ చేసేందుకు సూత్రప్రాయంగా అంగీకరించడంతో ప్రభుత్వం రుణాల మాఫీ చేస్తున్నట్లు ప్రకటించింది. కానీ మళ్ళీ ఇప్పుడు రిజర్వు బ్యాంకు మరో కొత్త మెలికపెట్టింది. రుణాలను రీ-షెడ్యూల్ చేసేందుకు పంట నష్టం గురించి మరిన్ని వివరాలు కోరుతూ......

Publish Date:Jul 21, 2014

It's all right to die, if it is the only thing you haven't try.

నిర్మాణాత్మకమయిన ప్రతిపక్షంగా రాష్ట్రాభివృద్ధి కోసం ప్రభుత్వానికి సహకరిస్తామని పదేపదే చెపుతున్న జగన్మోహన్ రెడ్డి, ఆ మాటలని ఆచరణలో మాత్రం పెట్టడం కనబడదు. తనకు రాజకీయంగా బద్ద శత్రువయిన చంద్రబాబుని ఆయన చాలా ద్వేషిస్తూ ఉండవచ్చును. కానీ ఆ కారణంగా ప్రజలెన్నుకొన్న ప్రభుత్వాన్ని కూడా ద్వేషించడం అవివేకం.

 President Pranab Mukharji soon after his return from South Africa tour has forwarded the AP reorganization bill-2013 to principle secretary of state on Wednesday. President has asked him to return the bill within 40 days. He will forward the bill to Speaker Nadendla Manohar and Council Chairman.  

Congress party has pushed Rahul Gandhi forward only as a part of its game plan to showcase his supremacy over the government so that he emerges as the undisputed leader of the party and government. And all most all the political leaders and parties have acknowledged him by spontaneously reacting to his sensible nonsense talk.

Perhaps, it makes no difference for YSRCP as it has decided to confine itself to Seemandhra region, but the TDP leaders’ agitations and protests definitely will have their impact on the party in Telangana region. However, Congress is playing a safe game at both regions.

The media reports about CM Kiran Kumar Reddy arguments in favor of Samaikyandhra and his package proposals for reconstructing Telangana, virtually handed over the game to its rival TRS, which feel cornered with Congress hijacking its T sentiment.

Publish Date:Jun 17, 2013

Describing about our incredible India, nevertheless, will be tough. Greedy politicians, politics... with leaders richest of the rich, slums... poorest of the poor, incurable disease of corruption, greatest of the great civilization, even greater mythology.

The youth obsession of social media networks like Face Book and Tweeter can impact the forth coming elections reveals recent survey reports conducted by IRIS (Foundation and Internet and Mobile Association of India). According to its survey conducted across the country, around 160 Lok Sabha constituencies may be impacted by the social media networks due to hyper activity of the youth in the relevant constituencies, in the upcoming elections.

Publish Date:Mar 20, 2013

TRS and T-JAC seems halfway to success with their proposed sadak bandh program to be held today at Hyderabad and Bangalore highway as they receives exact reaction from the government which refused permission to it. 

Nitish Kumar’s latest demand for special status to his Bihar state has come as a blessing for the beleaguered UPA government, which falls into minority because of the DMK party withdrawal its support to it.

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