Neon Colours are in Vogue Again

Publish Date:Nov 13, 2013



The flattering and vintage-look neon colours seem to be all set for a comeback in the city markets. The trend which is Chic and energetic, which was otherwise considered an obvious choice for rebels is now making a roaring comeback.

Ranging from loud pastel hues to the dazzling rich floral patterns and starting from  primary and neutral colors to some exotic printing designs, contemporary designers are now trying to capturing the true essence of this style and ushering its reckoning in the markets.

If you are a lover of fashion and planning to create a buzz, it is the time for you to go that extra mile by bringing home these eclectic colours such as Mint orange, fluorescent pink and bright green, which adds some shine in this gloomy weather.

Loose shirts or casual tops, Palazzo pants, get this trend back with joy. Strange colors and the accompanying extensive designs which were made popular by stars and designers long time back is now catching the eye of designers in this era. The main advantage of this trend is easily it can easily blend as a daytime college wear and can also fit the classy dinner you may be planning with colleagues. Neon draws inspiration from anything in our external world which is striking and wild, and signifies complex colours which can strike your eyes with hypnotic shades.

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