How to Avoid Post Lunch Drowsiness

Publish Date:Jul 19, 2014

Mid afternoon Lunch, you have enjoyed a meal with your colleagues, sharing what you cooked and its recipe. A small conversation and its back to work. As the clock ticks you start feeling drowsy, sleepy and you can’t focus on the monitor or your work. And if it’s a post lunch meeting you are doomed! A standard phenomenon for most of us who feel drowsy post lunch. So how do you overcome this feeling of sleepiness …Change in your diet pattern and these few tips.

Balanced diet
Avoid eating processed food, high levels of sugar, junk food and aerated drinks. Also don’t go for those 3 dabba heavy meal containers. Eating  a huge meal will make you feel sleepy and also  takes a longer  time to digest and will make you feel sluggish .Eat natural foods that are high in fiber and protein such as whole grains, legumes and nuts.

Green Tea dose
A standard ,known and accepted practice nowadays, drinking green tea helps you lose weight, leads to improved brain function leaving you feel fresh, renewed and active. So chuck that coffee vending machine and your local tea. A pack of Green tea bags is all that you need for those in-between moments of inertia.

Your standard 1 to 2 liters of Water
Drink a glass of water just before your lunch. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day .Keep a one liter bottle and finish it and refill as and when you complete drinking water.Staying Hydrated prevents drowsiness.

Meals in portions
Space out your meals and restrict your meal portions. The less you eat, the easier it will be to digest. It may look awkward if you eat every three to two hours, but this is the best way to beat drowsiness. And have a hearty breakfast in the morning before you start you day.

Post Lunch Walk
Take a brisk 10 to 15 minute in your lunch break. A breath of fresh air and this small walk can leave you feeling energized and motivated to work and help you digest your meal.

Tea Time break
When you get that Tea break have an engaging chat with your colleagues about current news or any general information other than office gossip. This should help you get into a proper perspective about work and help you work better.

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