Hair care tips before you hit the gym!


For most women, the way their hair looks on a given day makes of breaks their look. There are instances wherein a lot of women tend to experience bad hair days post their workout sessions. There might be numerous reasons for your hair not turning out right on a day. But here are some tips to follow before you head to the gym so that could help you avoid such a troublesome situations.

Get the right band to tie up your hair! A lot of women do not choose the right kind of band to tie up their hair. That's right. The kind of elastic band that you use also ruin your hair. There are many hair bands available in the market now that are made specifically for working out that are more gentler than your average regular elastic band is.

Keep changing the place where you tie your hair up: There are cases where the hair breakage is maximum at the place where you tie up your hair. The hair tends to get wet because of the sweat while working out mostly at the scalp and also where you tie the hair. So keep switching the way you tie your hair. Alternate between a low ponytail, a fishtail braid, a high ponytail, a knot at the middle before you head for a work out.

Never apply conditioner on oily scalp: Some girls wet their hair right after the work out and apply conditioner on it to untangle the hair. But that pratice makes your hair even worst. As you Not only are you spreading the salty sweat to your ends, but water also dries out your hair and oxidizes hair dye. Plus, conditioner is meant to go on clean hair. If it goes on dirty hair, you're going to get a buildup of the protein bonds found in conditioner, which can eventually cause the hair to dry out and start breaking.

Use a milder shampoo for daily hair wash: If you have to take a shower daily after work out then use a mild shampoo which has less chemicals in it, just so that you do not damage you hair with regular usage of it. And also make sure you rinse out the conditioner really well so you don't have any of it left in your hair.

Regularly comb your hair: This is one of the natural ways where you can keep your hair growth normal. Your hair can get nourishment from its own natural oils, but those oils won't reach the middle of your hair unless you comb it. Not only does that distribute the oils to the lengths of the hair, but it also breaks up any congestion you might have at the scalp

With these smart tips, you are sure to hit the gym without worrying about damaging your hair in the process.