What Your Haircut Says About You

Publish Date:Jan 31, 2013


You can change your clothes and accessories daily, but not your hairstyle. Your hairstyle can give away lot of secrets and often is a reflection of your true self. You may be looking coy in a salwar kameez, but your pixie cut will show people your wild side. So let us have a look at some “hair raising” secrets your hairstyle can reveal to the world.


Wavy hair


Wavy hair can be difficult to maintain. It requires regular shampooing and deep conditioning. Women with long wavy tresses are very feminine and chic. These women don’t mind going an extra mile to look absolutely gorgeous. They like to dress impeccably and are trendsetters in their own right.

Best Suits: Wavy hair looks good on women who have a slim face and even those with a broad forehead.


Straight long hair


Straight long hair shows your youthful and fuss free style. These women are dubbed as “low maintenance” by men. They are comfortable at home, at a dhaaba, as well at a five star fine dining restaurant. They have a happy go lucky outlook. Long straight hair, when paired with a pretty dress, can make you look sexy too. This hairstyle is not suited on women who have a small face, as long hair can make their face look really petite.

Best Suits: It is ideal for long and thin faces.


Bob cut

Bob haircut defines a very focused; no nonsense woman, who exudes power as well elegance with her hairstyle and personal style. It is a very simple hairstyle and requires virtually no styling. It can be a little difficult to carry off and is more suited to rounder faces.

Best Suits: The sharp curves of a bob cut seamlessly blends with a roundish face and gives it a dramatic look.


Ultra short bob


Never confuse a plain bob cut with an ultra short bob. These women are as different as chalk and cheese. An ultra short bob symbolises an assertive woman who has a strong sex appeal. She has a personal style and never follows any rules.

Best Suits: The ultra short bob suits women with a good bone structure. Your short hair draws attention to your high cheekbones and perfect jaw.




Bangs are considered to be very flirtatious and saucy. But all the fluff should not blind you to the woman’s personality. These women have a strong personality but they like to be in touch with their feminine side as well. They give you a new look without you having to compromise with the length of your hair.

Best Suits: Bangs are best suited for women with a large forehead as they help you cover it up.


Pixie cut


Pixie cut is considered to be a very bold and daring hairstyle since it is very difficult to carry off. The pixie cut symbolises a confident woman who is all set to dazzle the world with her self-assurance.

Best Suits: If you have a small face then this look is perfect for you. Oval face too goes well with the pixie cut.



Courtesy: Yahoo Lifestyle


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