AP T-Congress list to be finalized today

Publish Date:Mar 22, 2014





The AICC AP screening committee in session today to scrutinize and finalize the list of probable candidates for Andhra Pradesh Parliamentary and Assembly elections. The AICC meeting chaired by Vayalar Ravi will screen and finalize the list of probable telangana candidates for the forthcoming 2104 elections.


The leader has previously said in January that not that every sitting MP will get a ticket indicating that there is a feeling in the party that  by not repeating some of candidates can help it tide over the anti-incumbency against the 10-year-old UPA government. But in regard to Andhra Pradesh the situation could be different as it seems the sitting MLAs and MPs have more chances of making it to the list.

Damodar Raja Narasimha, Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Madhu yashki Goud, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Uttam Kumar and Blaram Naik and few other leaders have gathered  in Delhi to attend the meeting.

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The BCCI has today imposed a ban of five years on the Pakistan umpire Asad Rauf. Asad has been a part of the ICC elite panel for umpires. He however has

The deposition of David Coleman Headley is revealing startling facts regarding the plans of LeT militants to destroy India.

The supreme court has made it clear today that Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi should face the trial proceedings in the National Herald case

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As the protests started flooding in against the appointment of Rajendra Kumar Pachauri at a high post in TERI, the Governing Council has decided to meet on the issue

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58-year-old Shankaran, the deputy jailor of Attur sub jail in Salem district, Tamil Nadu was suspended for dancing ON duty. Earlier this year, Shankaran went to Chennai for participating in Republic day celebrations. The celeb

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Kim Jong, the supreme leader of North Korea might be just 33 years old. But he seems to have learnt every trick for being a monarch.

49 people were dead and many got injured in a riot that broke in a Mexican city of Monterrey.

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With TRAI supporting the net neutrality, Facebook was forced down to shut its `Free Basics’ option with Reliance. Yesterday the Telephone Regulatory Authority of India has specifically mentioned that no service provider can allow different websites for different prices. TRAI has further clarified that such an act could be allowed only in the case of emergency, and would otherwise penalize the service provider with 50,000 Rs. per day for s

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David Coleman Headley has today revealed to the court, a statement that could certainly save the BJP from a huge embarrassment. In 2004, the Gujarat police has shot dead a 19 year old girl named Ishrat Jahan. She was a college student and no one could specify that she was a terrorist. Though the Gujarat police has argued that Ishrat was a terrorist and she has been plotting to kill then Gujrat CM Narendra Modi... the congress doesn’t seem to believe them. Even the CBI has conducted an investigation into the encounter of

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Bonthu Rammohan, the new mayor of Hyderabad might be in limelight for the hour. But he is not new for KCR and TRS. Rammohan has been highly active in the fight for the state of Telangana. Over 100 cases were filed against him during his agitations and he has to spend for more than four months in the Cherlapalli

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The tweets of Andreessen suggesting that India would be better under the British rule has certainly created a few ripples. Andreessen was reacting to the Indian government’s decision to implement net neutra

The Chinese scientists have almost achieved something that’s thought to be impossible. They have produced an artificial star that’s hotter than sun. Scientists at the Institute of Physical Science in Hefei have created a star like thing through nuclear fusion. This star has generated almost 50 million degrees of heat

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Mathura of Uttar Pradesh might be a holy place which is associated with Lord Krishna. But Mathura was in the limelight in the news today for some unholy reasons. A 17-year-old girl was burnt alive by a youth named Bhol