AP T-Congress list to be finalized today

Publish Date:Mar 22, 2014





The AICC AP screening committee in session today to scrutinize and finalize the list of probable candidates for Andhra Pradesh Parliamentary and Assembly elections. The AICC meeting chaired by Vayalar Ravi will screen and finalize the list of probable telangana candidates for the forthcoming 2104 elections.


The leader has previously said in January that not that every sitting MP will get a ticket indicating that there is a feeling in the party that  by not repeating some of candidates can help it tide over the anti-incumbency against the 10-year-old UPA government. But in regard to Andhra Pradesh the situation could be different as it seems the sitting MLAs and MPs have more chances of making it to the list.

Damodar Raja Narasimha, Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Madhu yashki Goud, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Uttam Kumar and Blaram Naik and few other leaders have gathered  in Delhi to attend the meeting.

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Publish Date:Apr 26, 2015

Total 315 Indians have been evacutated from Nepal in three aircrafts and rescue operations were still going on ,

Publish Date:Apr 25, 2015

Finally Tollywood actress Neethu Agarwal got arrested


Publish Date:Apr 24, 2015

"DOHCHAY" is one more con comedy by "Swami Ra Ra " fame Sudheer Varma and in this con comedy Nagchaitanya paired up with Kriti Sanon and this film was produced by BVSN Prasad , Chech out our review on "Dochay" Storyline and characterization : Story revolves around Chandu(Nag Chaitanya ) and Manikyam (Posani) , Chandu is a talented con man who does the con to support his sister Mbbs education and to release his innocent father from jail , Rao Ramesh is playing the role of Chandu father who got arrested for the crime he hasn't commited and Manikyam is a Don who specialised in bank robbery planning and Ravi Babu plays

Publish Date:Apr 23, 2015

  Whatever happned to YSRCP MLA Roja today is entirely due to her loose tounge check here for more details

Publish Date:Apr 23, 2015

Andhra Pradesh police worry about AP CM Chandrababu Naidu security after Seshachalam encounter, After Naidu's Ananthapur visit police were more panic after seeing loop holes in security and one more thing is Red Sanders rigging during the visit and now they woke up and frequent inspections were made on security of Andhrapradesh Chief minister . Intelligence department also gave a warning regarding Chandrababu Naidu security , So AP police decided to hike the security of Chandrababu

Publish Date:Apr 23, 2015

In order to eradicate Red Sanders smugglers AP Government decided to pass an ordinance today and that is to increase the punishment by increasing imprisonment from 5 years to 10 years and this is one of the important decision taken in yesterday cabinet meeting while NHRC started trials on recently happened encounter where 20 red sander smugglers got killed who were allegedly called coolies . While Andhra

Publish Date:Apr 22, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal held a rally in the capital against the Land Bill currently tabled in Loksabha for discussion. In that rally spoke extensively on the short comings of the Land Bill. He said " this ordinance has been brought in for "super rich people" and that AAP Will not let land being taken away from poor farmers without their consent. He went on to say that "If a project was stalled, because of land insufficiency let the

Publish Date:Apr 22, 2015

Rahul Gandhi hit the headlines once again by putting a notice in the parliment to discuss about the trending issue i.e. "Net Neutrality Issue" . He said that he want's to discuss and debate regarding this issue in question hour , While the telecome minister Ravi Shankar prasad has said that Narendra Modi government is very serious about this issue and will make a final decision only after looking into the recommendation of TRAI . While coming to the social media insights there has been a good support for Rahul

Publish Date:Apr 22, 2015

Once again North is heating up with idol damage tension just after four days of Attack on Church . Godess Parvathi Idol was found damaged and the silver crowns of it got stolen from Jageshwar Nath Mahadev Temple and tension movement has started , People started assembling near the temple which is located at Syed Bada locality which contains a mixed population of Hindu's and Muslims . Police force has been deployed at that area and New idol has been replaced with all rituals. But still the tension is on in Agra

Publish Date:Apr 20, 2015

BJP parlimenterian Giri Raj Singh racist remarkes on congress president Sonia Gandhi sparked a row in the parliament and the parliment session got adjourned for 20 min , he quoted that congress accepted Sonia Gandhi remark because of her white skin . While speaking to the journalists BJP Minister said that "Had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian woman and if she was not a white-skinned woman, would the Congress have then accepted her leadership?". and this statement had caught big outrage and once again

Rahul Gandhi begins his new innings in politics with land acquisition issue. Today he met the farmers at his home came from northern parts of India. He takes their feedback on the amended version of the land acquisition bill before attending the Kheth-Kisan- Mazdur meeting to be held at New Delhi on Sunday.

Andhra Pradesh state government will be conducting Eamcet exams on 9th May. Besides 13 districts in the state, it is also conducting Eamcet exams in Hyderabad also for the students who wish to pursue their higher studies in the AP state. Hence, the AP Higher Educational Council is making arrangements to set-up examination centers in Hyderabad also.