We Indians are known to speak a lot. But we often fail while conversing in tense situations. While being in an interview, while chatting with a superior, while facing a stranger... we fault and flutter. A few precautions might save us from an embarassing situation.


Talking fast:

Indians were known to speak rapidly in English. That was probably to impress or just out of habit! But professionals warn against the rapid fire. Talking in a medium pace would allow you to decide`what your next word is going to be!`. It would also help you to relieve a bit of tension, while you are talking in a testing situation. When you  talk in a normal pace you won't get confused and you have very less chance to stammer.



We talk a lot and listen nothing. We are always in a dominant mood over the other while conversing. We question, we interrupt, we argue and we object. Let the questions be answered, let the doubts be cleared, let arguments be discussed and let objections be settled. A conversation should always start in a win-win mode and end with it. When we hear to the other, and when when we accept him to be equal to us... conversations would always be fruitful.


Body Language:

Allan pease need not be on board to hint the basics of the body language. Looking uninterested, glancing over the head, frowned eyebrows, bored sighs and yawns, fiddling with phone... would always indicate what you are thinking about the conversation. Pleasent expression, frequent eye contacts, occasional nods, straight posture... spread a positive aura while conversing.


Be frank:

Frankness is the best trait admired by many. When someone asks for an advice, give the best you can. When someone points a mistake that's genuine, admit it. While discussing a topic, present your own opinion on it. But just be careful that you are not hurting the feelings of the other. You can always deliver a bitter truth in a sweet way.

- Nirjara

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