Summer Style Essentials for Men

Publish Date:May 26, 2015

Summer is almost reaching its climax but the sun isn’t stepping back to pomp its fury on the urban clan. Whilst many are still puzzled how to keep it stylish and still manage to minimize the gruesome heat here are few essentials men need to carry till the temperatures cool off.

1. Lenin shirts
2. A pair of Sunglasses
3. Cotton/Denim shorts
4. Slip On’s or Boat shoes / Flip Flops
5. Invisible socks
6. Dry Spray Deodorants
7. Tank tops
8. Cuffed Cotton Trousers
9. Dry Hair Gel

One can go with their personal clothing preferences as far as they can carry it with ease and comfort but the wardrobe never gets complete without the above listed essentials for action packed summer.


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