Having any of these Signs of mid-life crisis

Publish Date:Jul 31, 2014

You are crossing 40 and there is this strange feeling that you have slowed down and your interest levels in few past things including sex has gone down drastically. The term mid-life crisis was first coined in 1965 where early analysis suggested that it could happen anywhere between the ages of 40 and 60, but it is now shown to start much earlier.  As people get older they worry increasingly about their appearance and want to recapture their youth. They worry about losing their jobs and know that a more youthful appearance will make their more attractive not just to the opposite sex but employers as well.

Some of the top signs of having a midlife crisis include:

  • Desiring a simpler life
  • Start looking up old boyfriends or girlfriends on Facebook
  • Realise you will never be able to pay off your home loans
  • Joining Twitter so your bosses think you 'get' digital
  • Excessively reminisce about your childhood
  • Take no pleasure in your friends' successes
  • Splashing out on an expensive bicycle
  • Sudden desire to play an instrument
  • Fret over thinning hair
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Want to make the world a better place
  • Longingly look at old pictures of yourself
  • Dread calls at unexpected times from your parents (fearing the worst)
  • Go to reunion sessions of your school and college
  • Revisit holiday destinations you went to as a child
  • Cannot envisage a time when you will be able to afford to retire
  • Read obituaries in the newspapers with far greater interest — and always check how people die
  • Obsessively compare your appearance with others the same age
  • Start dyeing your hair when it goes grey
  • Stop telling people your age
  • Dream about being able to quit work but know that you'll Just never be able to afford to
  • Start taking vitamin pills and get health check ups done every 6 months.
  • Worry about being worse off in your retirement than your parents
  • Want to change your friends but don't meet anyone new that you like
  • Think about quitting your Job
  • Look up your medical symptoms on the internet
  • Always note when politicians or business leaders are younger than you
  • Contemplate having a hair transplant or plastic surgery
  • Can't sleep because of work worries
  • Hangovers get worse and last more than a day on occasions
  • Constantly compare your career success with your friends
  • Worry about a younger person taking your Job
  • Take up triathlons or another extreme sport and get tired easily
  • Find that you are very easily distracted
  • Realise that the only time you read books is when you are on holiday


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