Refurbishing your home? Try these tips then!

Publish Date:Nov 7, 2014

If you’re looking at renovating and refurbishing your home and giving it a lovely makeover, Teluguone offers a few good tips and tricks. To give the house a new look, a few simple things are all one needs. Decorating the house in a smart, rather than lavish, manner is the trick. Try the following and you’ll not be disappointed with the result(s).


·         Painting one of your living room walls with a bright shade of any bold color like orange, lime green, chocolate brown, yellow, and flame red will look appealing. It’ll give a completely new look instantly.

·         To make it a bit more effective, highlight the newly-painted wall with family photographs or children’s portrait pictures. That does wonders.

·         Another trick to achieve an immediate changed look is to adorn one of the walls with a huge painting of your choice. These days there are a variety of paintings including modern art –especially abstract paintings, computer graphics-generated art, geometrical patterns, floral patterns or even knitted paintings. Sometimes a replica of an original Ravi Varma or Vaddadi Papaiah painting will add a touch of class.

·         If you’ve a friend or relative who is an artist, you can request them for a custom-made painting or art piece to add an element of exclusivity to it.

·         If you don’t have much budget to spend on an art piece or re-painting the walls, you can get a wall paper/poster of a beautiful scenery and adorn your wall with that. It’s cheaper and the most the common practice too. The advantage with a wall paper is that you can change it every now and then – more so if it loses its appeal to you.

·         For those who are not really into painting or wall paper, you can think of various other options like wall hangings, masks of various kinds and the range of amazing decorative pieces and wall art made of wood, terracotta and brass.

·         If you’re keen on adding a range of things to the house rather than decorating just one or two walls, then there are options available for that as well.

·         Changing the cushions on your diwan or sofa sets will change the look of the room immediately. The same applies to the bedroom where with a minimum budget you can give a makeover to the room – either by changing the curtains or bed sheets and bed spreads, or by hanging a huge family portrait printed on canvas cloth on the wall behind your bed.

·         Get an interior designer to suggest a few affordable changes to your house. Most of the simple shortcut methods that they suggest can be done within a limited budget. You can choose one that’s not too heavy on your pockets.

·         If you like sculptures or potted plants, you can buy a couple or more and make the corner spaces come alive. Other interesting choices would be to buy a huge (medium-to-large sized) brass bowl, fill it with water and add roses/rose petals or lotus flowers to those. Keep it in the middle of your living room and see the charm.

·         If you’re thinking in terms of refurbishing the house by adding new pieces of furniture or accessories, this is the right time to get those bright velvet curtains or add that chest of drawers to enhance the attractiveness of your living space.

·         Other interesting options are a comfortable settee for that cosy corner of yours, a wooden side stand, a new flower vase, a wooden shelf on the wall to display your family heirlooms – the choices or aplenty. You can choose one that suits your budget.

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