"Valuable" Moments

How does it feel when you receive a promotional letter with an increment of 50k per month? Incredible! Absolutely stunning! Amazing feeling! Right??

"However, this all can make you feel happy only in a part your brain... But if you are sharing loving moments with your spouse, this is equalant indeed more than the above pleasure" say Professors at The University of Warwick. Their department of Economics, recently did a research on the kind of returns one will get on investing their time in bedroom with partner. To their surprise, results were Very interesting that, the happiness and satisfaction levels are much more than the pay cheques they receive as bonus by employers.

After, continuous research happening on the benefits of being intimate with spouse regularly, will have so many benefits physically and mentally as this act is rated as very good workout for couples, which helps in loosing excess calories; in addition this, secretion of the "endorphin" hormones in body which will trigger a positive feeling in the body and makes person to experience joy and happiness. This is the reason why couples who share the bed at least 2-3 times in a week never get in to depression mode. Indeed, psychiatrists always advise the partners of their patients who are feeling severe despondency and dejection to take out personal time to spend intimate moments. They also say that lack of such pleasure in ladies,often push them in to depression state.

With money, one can happily enjoy life with comforts and luxuries, but in reality this can be felt and experienced by a part of the brain. Nevertheless, complete happiness can be experienced by an individual when they develop a skill to be happy with body, mind and soul. This is the only secret behind the extreme happiness every newly wedded couple go through. Experts also advise couple to stick to their cozy romantic moments with out fail, especially when things seem tough, as this has amazing power and plays a vital role in strengthening relationship in a marriage.To be precise, If you are having some personal , intimate moments with your spouse you are the richest without any doubt... Be proud of this.


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