Publish Date:Sep 3, 2015


Mothers are the most special people in our lives. They just love us so much to such an extent that is sometimes funny how they respond. These are the common things everyone’s moms say or do!

1. I don’t have 10 hands.
Actually, we are supposed to be doing a lot of household work and help our mom whenever she needs us. But we being the laziest, never bother to move. Instead we keep asking mom to bring us something in return, like a glass of water or something. That’s when she uses her dialogue. “Cant you do it yourself!! I am working here. I don’t have 10 hands.”
2. How much did Mrs.Sharma’s son get?

Although she does not mean to compare and degrade anyone,itsjust  a sense of satisfaction for her to know that her child is better than the neighbours! That’s a reason she keeps asking about other kids’ marks. But if you get less than them, Oh Boy!!! May God be with you!!


3. I don’t know anything! Ask your father!!

Whenever we ask her for permission to do something, whatever might be her view on it,whether she is for or against, she will never say yes or no. All she will say is “Go ask your father!!” She never wants to b the “bad parent” who rejects everything the child asks for..
So sweet MOM!!

4. Do whatever you want.

Guys, this is a definite NO!!! Do not dare make a move towards whatever it is. You will regret it later. She might not physically do anything. All she will say is “I told you”. Although what she said was “you can do whatever you want”!!!
Unpredictable moms!!!!

5. Embarrassing Times.

Moms will be ever ready to publicise you as the greatest child ever whenever anyone’s around. Mind you, they can go the other way round too. They can make you look so bad infront of others.( Although it happens rarely.)

What I call this is “Parental BiPolar Syndrome” An instant change in attitudes so fast, that you will always fall behind in realizing it!!

Whatever they do, either praise you or point you out, They do it to such an extent that you always go like,”Mom,stop it now!!”

And oh I almost forgot!!!!

The most common thing of all times.

You can NEVER EVER win an argument with your mom!!! You might be right! You might have a valid point. But no!! she will just not quit. Atleast we can learn that from her. How to stay confident and hold on to your side. When she is arguing, you are NOT supposed to answer back.. When you argue back with a good point, she will always defend herself by changing the topic to how your attitude has been changing recently and how you are not showing any respect to elders!!!

Putting all this aside, the most beautiful part is, you can never stay angry on her for long!! You can see it for yourself. When you have an argument with your mom, within the next hour,everything will be alright. You don’t even have to say anything. It’s just the aura a mom sets up in the house, that makes us feel so comfortable.

Seriously, who doesn’t love their mom? She is the most beautiful person ever.IN And Out!!

And the food she prepares is of such high standard!!No one can ever make anything as delicious as hers.Mom can be your best friend when you let her. She might not understand your situation the way you want her to. But she will definitely understand it the right way.  She might embarrass you the most. She might come and hug you and talk too loudly with someone infront your friends. You might find her annoying at times. But it’s your mom after all. That’s why she is so special!! She doesn’t care about anyone or anything when you are around. You are her world.


Just one sentence, “ Did you have dinner mom?” will melt her heart. She will be the most happiest person.

All you have to do is respect her and treat her with just as much affection as she does.

Go now, and tell her, how much you love her and how much she means to you. Give her a tight hug!! And say

       “I LOVE YOU MUMMA!!!”


-Kunde Sanjana

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