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Publish Date:Aug 22, 2015


Let People Love You For Your Etiquette!

Etiquette is something you need to have at any given moment and place and dining is no exception. There are some things we all need to keep in mind when we go out to dine with our friends or family.


The first lesson in etiquette will teach you what to wear when you step out to is important to dress formally for both men and women on such an occasion. Boys, a formal pair of trousers is a good idea. Pick a decent formal shirt and finally a jacket should complete your look.


The girls have a wider choice in this case. They have a dress, a formal skirt, a saree or a dressy salwar kameez to pick from. There’s no harm in decorating yourself with slight jewelry. Only dressing in this fashion will not make you ready for the dinner.



You should know how to sit at the table among people. Putting your elbows on the table is a big no.


Make sure you don’t lean to close to the person opposite you. It is important to maintain a comfortable distance while in a conversation with someone. Next in the list is to know the right place of your bag. This place is definitely not on the table. Hanging it on your chair is also not considered etiquette. So remember to place your bag behind your seat as soon as you settle down to dine.


While talking to someone at the dining table, you must show respect to and interest in what the other person is saying. This means that it is not the time to answer a call or text message. Doing these activities while talking, will make you look disinterested in the conversation. If you don’t want that, give a listening ear.



Most people are unaware of the right way to use the  serviette. It is not acceptable to tuck it in your collar in the fashion of a bib. Place it on your lap instead. This is considered as an indication that you are ready for the meal. While eating bread, gently break it into two pieces. Do not use the butter knife to cut it. Remember that a butter knife is given that name for a reason. It is meant to help you apply butter on you bread and you must use it exclusively for that purpose.


Finally when you are done with your meal, learn to indicate the same on your plate. For this, place your fork and spoon in a manner that imitates a clock showing 6:30. Remember these few things and present your best self while dining.

Kruti Beesam

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