Maintaining Your Glasses!

Publish Date:Oct 14, 2014

May be because of the advancement in Technology we all eyesight problems. Kids, becuase they are glued to televisions, ipads and playstations.The youngsters, always glued to their smartphones.The working class, always on desktops and phone. The oldage, owing their age the eyes muscle become weak so does their sight! So, inevitably we have to accept that we rely on a pair of glasses!


Here is how we take simple measures to keep them right :

By using both the hands while taking them off or while putiing them on. Though it doesn't look stylish, it will save the frame bending and maintains its shape!

Do not resort to the fancy cleaners with ammonia and alcohol. These chemical rip the coating of the glasses, instead use water with dilutes soap. To dry the glasses use the microfibre cloth provided other types of clothing may scratch the glasses.

During your outing at the beach, it might be tempting to rinse the sand off in the water, never do that! As the salt in the water might corrode the frame at the joints and the glasses, instead use bottled water to clean them.

Never leave them in place where the temperature is raising hot! As the frames are made by pouring hot melted plastic in to moulds. Exposure to heat might distort them!

Avoid putting them on head, as hair contains natural oils that will stain the lenses and that angle will lead to stretching of the frame, either put them down in case or hang them from shirt. Never leave your glasses with the lens-side down, they will get scratched, put them in hard cases!

Take Care!!

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