Jobs change Our Lives!

Publish Date:Aug 5, 2015

Yes! Jobs change not just our lifestyles, they also change our lives...what we were until the day we started working, how much time we had to stop and smell the roses, how we respond to matters...almost everything changes. Until the day we realise we have changed, we dont know this change has creeped in. There is no time in life to spend with our own children, traffic is one major culprit in any part of the World. Parents are often complaining that they are loosing precious family time due to their long commutes or serious traffic issues in their cities. Our jobs lead us to different parts of the World and we miss families and relatives. One is definitely motivated to relocate for a high salary job amd is much aware of the distance between his/her family and themselves after moving, but they tend to expereince sad and lonely moments everytime they miss a family gathering in the home country or when the job commitment stops them from seeing a relative or dear friend for the last time. Isn't it sad? Yet without a job it is highly impossible to survive in this World. Some avogation that pays you monetary returns!


There are young parents who have to work for livelihood and they have no help to attend to the children, when residing in a different country. One resort is to send even a newborn to the home country, away with grandparents..all they can do is come home to a lonely place and miss the children every is not even the same country to travel during a weekend and come is a different country, thousands of miles away..going there often is a dream!! For a person who focused on social service until his/her job happened, such good deeds are rare, remains a tale ! Even fitness related activites dont happen unless that person is extremely determined to spare time to stay healthy.

Jobs have been from ages, but due to traffic issues, and opportunities that require travelling, relocation to other countries and increasedjob demands, sparing time for family, health and hobbies has become an impossible thing. If there were more than 24hrs a day, and if every job was a work-from-home job, matters could be resolved..thats the reason...'Jobs change our Lives, not Marriage'.

-Prathyusha Talluri

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