The Health-conscious Group!

Publish Date:Aug 26, 2015


We all need to be healthy, we all need to be health-conscious, but there are a few who are too much into this health-conscious stuff. They eat healthy, they walk healthy, they run healthy, they talk healthy and what not !! People around them think they have gone crazy, but the current times demand such a lifestyle too. We are forced to follow the 'Good Health' Manthra round the clock....relax a little and you gain weight and you become lazy to exercise daily and then things follow...thats the reason one who is following this regime every day is afraid of taking it easy even for a day.

This category of the most health-conscious people are always gathering information about different healthy foods to consume,  unhealthy and GMO foods to avoid, effective changes to the lifestyle to live better etc....'Ignorance' is no longer Bliss when it comes to Health Awareness.



The easiest health issue these days is has become common among the Expectant Women too. One has to be on the run to maintian good health, good hygiene, every hour of the day...gone are those days, gone are those generations who consumed Butter, Sweets and White rice without any guilt. Pollution and Genetically Manipulated Food Cultivation has drastically affected the healthy lifestyle of every human being. I wonder if there is still a place in the world untouched by these two culprits. And thats the reason, instead of laughing at someone who leads a healthy and fit lifestyle, giving up the 'Eating Out and Celebrate Rich Food - Be a Couch Potato' Habits, it is better to get inspired by them at the earliest and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


-Prathyusha Talluri

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