Grooming tips for Men- Part -1

Publish Date:Jun 6, 2014


Who said that it’s only women who go to the salons? In the 21st century of the metro-sexual male we now have men who are grooming themselves to look more presentable and neat .This healthy trend which has become a common trend in the cities is slowly picking up in the tier 2 cities also. It’s no longer a woman’s domain to look well groomed .Presenting a few basic tips on how to look presentable and if you think you don’t have time for all this, subject yourself to the hands of your salonist and relax while you get yourself pruned.

We start with the face and head in the first part and in the next article we will deal with other aspects of male grooming.


1.Hair should always be trimmed and neat and once you notice the locks grow in length it’s time to get a haircut. Along with that of your have hair in your nose please get trim those or ask your barber to trim the hair for you. We don’t want to look like an ogre do we?


2.Now we know that getting the eyebrows done is a girly affair, but we are asking you not to shape it just get the bushy look out and remove those extras. But you could give it a miss if you are not too inclined. A simple tip take a fine toothed comb and brush them before you leave for the day is that they don’t look too bushy. Same thing with the hair off your ears and neck.


3.Keep your nails short and clean. Long and dirty finger nails are something which has not been acceptable things since our school days where the teachers would examine our nails and hands. The same thing extends as we grow up to. Trimming them as and when they grow is a must and this also extends to the feet. If possible indulge in a manicure/pedicure for clean and supple feet free from corns callous and chapped heels. Buffing your finger nails adds a shine which makes them look nice.


4.Facials and clean up. It’s also important to get a face clean up done once in a month. The sun also affects the men’s facial skin and if you have to drive long distances it is necessary that you apply and SPF – that is a sun protective cream for your face so that the UV rays don’t damage the dermis. Invest in a once a month facial so that your skin stays youthful and bright. This is a plus point when you it comes to impressing women also!


5.Oral Hygiene. Clean teeth and fresh breath is a must have and it doesn’t matter if you have crooked or uneven teeth. Brush twice a day, floss at nights and gargle with mouth wash, again the familiar taunts of childhood. When you are heading for a presentation or meetings its best to keep some mint gum or minteys , the most offensive thing the other person can’t bear is bad breath. If you have any chronic bad breath conditions please visit the Dentist and get rid of it.

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