Happiness is all around you. You dont have to work very hard to find it. All you need to do is to simply life. Do simple things and try to find happiness in them. This article will help you keep happiness always by your side.

A sharp mind opens doors to happiness. So staring from now. Memorize one thing everyday and see what happiness an active brain gives you. Learn something new everyday and let others know about it. 

Do you know who the happiest man on earth is? One who is least attached to material possessions. It might sound like a difficult goal to accomplish but trust me, its worth the effort. It is important to realize that the material world will give us nothing more than superficial happiness that does not last long.

Mr Know All will have nothing to live for. The world is a wide ocean and there is always an unexplored part. So travel the road not taken. Stay curious!

We add to our worries by thinking about the future! Leave the future to got and enjoy the present. Embrace every second of life because once its gone it will never come back again. Know that every moment is precious. There’s a lot to learn from the movies!

Dont forget to wear that beautiful smile everyday. It suits you! So you are not ready to start your day until you wear that smile like you wear your cloths and your watch. Complete your look with a smile.

Invite positivity into your life. Start looking at things from a brighter perspective. This will help you retain the happiness you have. Do you still think its hard to be happy? If your answer is a yes then you should think again.   

- Kruti Beesam

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