Few diet tips that will transform you life

Publish Date:May 15, 2015

Don't obsess about dairy.

You think dairy product increase your belly fat ? Your wrong. The once whoopt dairy products have less belly fat than their peers who opted for the low-fat stuff.
When hungry, Think protein first.

We know it's important to eat the right amount of protein every day, but many of us don't understand why, Knowing that can help make it a priority. Research shows that eating 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal helps to build lean muscle.

Eat what you want, but only until you're full.

Few nutritionists suggest that we should eat only  80% full, since our brain takes 20 minutes to process satiety.

Chew your food.

researches prove that people who chew 50to 100% more than they usually did decreased their food intake by 9.5 and 14.8% respectively.

Eat lunch earlier.
Rather than making yourself wait until it's the right time for your midday meal, grab some healthy brunch. Pushing of lunch to last minute can create so many problems. So eat little if you are not really hunger but do eat.

Actually enjoy your food.

Eating one of the greatest pleasures, and many of us miss it by rushing and multi tasking during meals. Distractions lead to overeating and dissatisfaction. Instead of thinking about what you should cut out of your diet  think about what gives how much proteins and carbohydrates. Eat healthy in good quantities is the simple secret to be fit.

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