Health Hacks!!.

Publish Date:Sep 29, 2014

Here are some simple inclusions to be made into our lifestyles to lead a healthy life! Here goes the list :

Get rid of the Soda of your diet instead opt for a glass of water.

Self cooking is yet another way to sparing yourself some bucks and yet serving yourself some health on the plate. Avoid the onsumption of pre-packed food.

Try shopping on full stomach, all the junk will barely end up in your shopping basket.

Make time for exercise, may it be walking or bikeride atleast for 20-30 minute. If you are way too busy to make some time to sweat it out, then make it up by standing on one leg while brushing by doing so you can improve your balance and musculature of your legs.

A beast of our-times is the mobile phone, turn it off from time to time. As it can induce Psychological stress and lead to many more problems beyond our understanding.

Swap desserts and candies for fruits and fruit juices, and white breads for wheat or multigrain ones!

Follow the age-old saying 'Early to bed, early to rise , makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise'   Rise early and meditate for about 20 minutes, doing  some deep breathing and doing Yoga can wonders for you!

Take a shower with cold water after you done using warm water, cold water is good for skin, hair and overall circulation is improved greatly.

Eat only when hungry and chew down slowly, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to signal that you are full!

Make it a point to wash your hand before evry meal. Never skip your meals especially your breakfast1 It is breakfast that defines your day ahead!

These are some well-known facts that need to be implemented into our routines!!

Stay healthy!!


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