College Musings

Just see how majestic it sounds!! That is my college. I was extremely excited about getting into it before. I have heard lots of success stories of people connected with BITS. What more interesting is that, its right in my hometown.  Although it’s a residential college, I never feel homesick!!

There is lots to tell about my campus!  So tighten up your seat belts. Cause I am going to take you on an amazing tour around my campus. It’s a 200 acre campus with lots of greenery. Away from the city’s hustle, it’s very peaceful. There are lots of hostel rooms and academic blocks obviously! And when you see, it seems like they are just near-by. But when you walk from one to the other, that’s when you know they are tiresomely far. But for a lazy person like me, It’s some kind of exercise. The food is alright. How does it even matter when you have a chat bhandar and an ice-cream parlour.?  ;)

There are lots of other activities involved other than just academics.  And when I say lots, I mean lots and lots and lots!!! There are clubs, MUN’s, departments, NGO’s. This is the place where I get to decide what I am actually interested in and what I am actually capable of.  This is where I am going to explore the complete me!

What I really like is that people from all over India come here. There is so much diversity just inside the campus , that it is like a mini India in here!! Also there are students who are of an Indian origin but had been born in foreign countries studying here. I get to make friends from every corner of the world and I am pretty sure, this friendship is going to last long.

Coming to the best part, every single detail here is planned and maintained by students. Lecturers are here only to teach,clarify doubs,evaluate and mentor which they do best. Everything else, right from printing our identity cards to getting sponsorship for fests and conducting them is done by students only!! The students here are so dedicated that it is amazing to see them work!

Pearl, is our cultural fest and one of its kind. We have international bands playing for us and professionals entertaining us. We have dj-nights, music nights, dance nights, drama nights and what not!!

We have ngo’s that help children from rural background choose their career and also help women. What more is that you are encouraged to have your own start-ups, rather than running behind companies to offer you a job. It’s a chance to be an employer rather than an employee. There have been students passed out from this campus who have started their own companies and are now coming back to recruit new people into their companies. How cool is that!!
I have been here now, for only around 10 days and I already feel so emotionally attached and protective about my campus that it is intimidating. Because I might never want to leave.  Even after four years!

I welcome myself to the best four years of my life!

-Sanjana Kunde

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