Are you a right Partner?


To be a perfect couple, you have to have good understanding between each other. Along with that you should also possess some other qualities, which can make your spouse to say you are his right Partner.… Here are they..

* Understand that every human being has some weaknesses like anger, short temper, lack of time management etc..Try to understand them and be cool and patient while dealing on any of the issues.

* Try to be his/ her support system in every venture whether it is professional or personal. This attitude can help you two be inter dependent and solve the problems easily if you come across any.

* Try to respect each other’s opinions. If you are not in synchronization with any of the opposite person’s thoughts, try to discuss with them rather than arguing.

* If you promise your spouse about something, try to keep up the word. Let it be small things like making his favourite dish for the dinner, going out for an evening party with his office colleagues to the major ones like Taking responsibility of his parents regular medical check up. This sense of responsibility of yours can play a major role in your relationship.

* Try to learn forgiveness; Gracefully accept other person when they seek apology. When you do this your body and mind feel lighter. You will be able to accept the person as they are and can completely own them like any mother owns their children.

* Remember that small arguments and little quarrels are common in any couple. If you practice to forget them quickly, you can enjoy on those things when years pass through…..

- Bhavana

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