Knots of Sibling Bonding - Raksha Bandhan

Publish Date:Aug 8, 2014

Raksha Bandhan, means the “Knot of Protection” and is one of the important festivals celebrated by Hindus throughout the world. Celebrated on Sravana Pournami Day, this festival stands testimony of  the beautiful relationship shared between brothers and sisters. It has been termed as a lifelong promise of protection made on this special occasion. The beautiful relationship of love, care and affection between siblings is further enhanced with the tying of the sacred thread – the Raakhi, by the sister on her brothers wrist.

Story of Raksha Bandhan

There are many tales as to why Raksha Bandhan became a an important festival and one of them is the story of King MahaBali and Lakshmi Devi.

As the story goe,s King Mahabali was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and asked him to come down from his heavenly abode of Vaikuntam and protect his Kingdom. Lord Vishnu agreed and came down disguised as a door keeper. But Lakshmi his consort was left alone and wanted to bring back Vishnu back to his abode. She went to his kingdom disguised as a Brahmin woman and took refuge in his palace on the pretext that her husband was away and needed protection. On the Shravana Pournami day she tied a sacred thread on the king’s hand and asked him for a boon. Mahabali acceded and she requested for the door men who was actually Lord Vishnu to be sent back to Vaikuntam along with her. Mahabali recognizing her to be Goddess Lakshmi, realized his folly and requested Lord Vishnu to accompany Lakshmi back to Vaikuntam and to his rightful place. In return, Vishnu promised to return and stay with Bali for four months of each year. Hence the festival is also called Baleeva and on this day sisters come to their brothers’ home and tie Raakhis’ to their brothers. We are indeed truly blessed to have this tradition of brothers and sisters bonding where the woman folk and are respected and taken care of by their brothers lifelong and given wonderful gifts as a token of love and affection.

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