For me classroom has always been a place where all of my friends spend the day with each other and have fun rather than a place of learning. We have spent most of our quality time of our lives in classrooms. I am sure of it..What makes the experience of classroom concept all the more intriguing is the type of students it has.

Now I am back with one of my lists on the types of classic people we have come across during our classroom times.

So why the delay!

1. The Studs

These are the students who are the gems in the teacher’s eyes. They put up such a brilliant show in front of the teacher that she is left with nothing else to say to him except “Student ho toh aisa”. 

Its strange because, most of them(the ones that I have come across) are not that sincere when the teacher is out of the scene. But when she is around, they act like they are extremely innocent and know nothing but to listen to what she says!! 

They will run to her even before she gives out the H E of H E L P P.They are always the ones that carry books to and from the staff-rooms.( Wonder what pleasure they get doing that.)

2. The Toppers

Well, the title itself gives away the content here.. Obviously these are the ones who do miraculous wonders when academics is talked about. But here I am talking about only those who we know have worked hard to reach their current standards..

Yes, I know the type you are thinking about right now. That’s the next one.

3. The Silent-Killers

Yes, this type creeps me out. What we see out of them in class are complete back-benchers. They hardly bring books to class. (wonder what even is in their bags??). They never happen to take notice of what happens in the class. They have complete knowledge about all the possible TV shows that have been aired and are currently being played. Yet, after all this,God knows how,they manage to get their names among rank-holders. 

I mean, How the hell did this happen?. The night before the exam, he was active on facebook until midnight. Now he is on the stage getting his report card from the principal for outstanding performance in the pre-finals!!!!

4.  The Bhukkads 

I envy this type a lot!! These students are extreme foodies!! They just love to eat right about everything. And they eat like they are responsible for the famines in most parts of the country. But the strange thing here is they stay just the way they are. They don’t gain even a  wee bit of weight . How is it possible?

 I am just sitting here, eating salads and going to the gym, aerobics and all sorts of stupid stuff and still managing to puff up.. And they are like eating up half of the lunch boxes including their own and still staying slim as a stick. I consider that a God’s gift.

5.  The Queen-bee

There is always only one person in the class.(mostly a girl) of this type. She is extremely pretty and so cute and all her actions are just so elegant and girly that almost all the boys have a crush on her. She is always the centre of attraction. She is always a head-turner in the class. Even the girls just adore her.

6. The Roadside Romeos

Ok.These are just silly. They are very flirty. Atleast it looks like they are!!

I don’t know what they have in mind. But they act like they are the most beautiful creatures on Earth and everyone just loves them. 

What do I think about them?

Well, I think they are just desperate for attention and desperate to have a girlfriend(or a boyfriend),just so they can go about telling their peer group about it.

7. The Link-Masters

I hate them. These are the ones that spread rumors.Nasty ones. When a boy just turns his head in the direction of a girl, The link-masters go about couple-naming him with her for the rest of his school/college life.

8. The Rebels

These just amaze me. How can one just show such courage?They go about arguing with the teacher for as long as the teacher can argue back. That too in such a tone, that the teacher is taken aback at first.

As for me, I am just thankful to such type of classmates because,they waste half the class time just arguing and I just get to enjoy the scene.The next half the teacher lectures on manners and how students should be and how she was as a student which obviously no one(especially me) even cares to listen to.

9. The Talented Thunderstorms

These are the kids who are the most popular in the entire school because they participate and win in all the competitions ever held.. They are the ones who are always approached to by all the teachers to represent the school in interschool competitions and still pass the exams with decent scores.

Half their time goes in saying “thank you”’ to the congratulations showered upon them by everybody..

Last but definitely not the least

10. The Inseparables

In every class, there is always that pair of students who are the closest friends. They sit together,have lunch together, gossip only among themselves, always manage to be the lab-partners and share their own secrets. Its like there is this invisible tape binding them.

Then the teachers get envious!! I don’t understand why they do this!!They either make them sit in separate benches or completely change their section during shuffling the next year. I mean what is wrong with having a mirrored being who reflects all your interests. Anyway these besties manage to meet up during breaks however!!

But seriously, why do you want to separate ppl who have been together right from their kindergarden!! Well Teachers!! Now if I have to discuss about them, it will take me a whole new blog!!because there are just too many varieties you know!

Whatever said and done, classroom years are the best. Those glorious years are just unforgettable.

Ok!! Now I am talking like a 65 year old grand-ma. I still have lots of classroom years left!! Hope I’ll experience even more fun!!

Wish you all could relate atleast a bit. Did you experience any other type? Comment below!

Until then this is Sanjana signing off

By Sanjana Kunde


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