Dressing Tips for Women Dressing up consumes a lot of time because it is confusing and mind-boggling. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide upon what to wear for a particular occasion and whether what we are wearing looks good on us or not. When we are dressing ourselves, we must learn the basic principle of dressing up, and that is to keep a sense of our own personal style apparent. Otherwise, we will feel made up or unattractive, because we are trying to duplicate someone else's look, instead of learning to develop our own sense of style that best suits our body frame, clothing preferences and personality. * 8-Frame Dressing up : 8-frame figure is the perfect figure and it is perfectly balanced figure. Bust is full; waist is small, with average length and hips are perfectly shaped. The whole body is perfectly balanced and weight gain is distributed evenly. This frame should emphasize the waist and avoid cluttering the figure with lots of clothes and layering. Choose garments that fit the body and identify the waist. * V-Frame Dressing up : A V-frame body is one, which is wider at the bust and the shoulders appear to be wider than the hips. Bust is usually large with a shorter torso and high waist. The legs appear thin and the tummy becomes more prominent than the whole body. This frame should be balanced by widening the hip and upper leg area. Choosing garments that have width and fullness in the skirt or pants. * H-Frame Dressing up : A H-frame body appears to be straight up and down. The legs are longer and thighs and belly are usually flat. The bust is average to large and weight gain is usually through the middle. This frame should be balanced by creating the illusion of a smaller waist. This can be accomplished by choosing either a bloused garment with a flared skirt and belted waist, or a straight garment like a chemise dress. * A-Frame Dressing up : An A-frame body is one, which is narrower at the top half and wider at the lower hip and upper thigh area. The legs are usually heavier and shorter and weight gain is mostly in the upper thighs. Women with this kind of body shape should make their body look proportionate by widening the shoulders. It can be achieved by choosing garments with shoulder pads or sleeve detailing.

Sheath Dresses for Women Natural curves of a woman's body, these appealing picks are a wonderful accompaniment to a cocktail party, wedding reception or even a formal garden party. It's easy to look effortlessly stylish in these flattering choices.The helpful versatility of a sheath dress quickly rises to the challenge of even the most crucial social events. Try on a sheath dress today and experiment with this elegant, close-fitting dress style.

Wear Fashionable High Heels Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs look slimmer, your stomach is flatter and your femininity is unstoppable. Some fabulous high heels are comfortable, fashionable and so stylish that everyone will wonder how you kept dancing the night away. It can also do many other wonders but walking in high heels is not a natural talent because it is a learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline. The people at high-tech fashion are determined to make comfortable high heels a reality by utilizing advanced digital technology. Always feel comfortable in your high heels and get much needed support. You can easily walk with high heels by practicing some of the steps. There are many heels to choose from, varying in height, thickness and shape. Training your feet will allow your ankles to develop the strength they need to walk safely and gracefully in high heels. Begin with shoes that have a broad, low heel and plenty of support over your feet. Always wear your heels for a day around the house before you wear them out. This will allow you to get used to wearing them. Walking in heels indoors is very different to walking in them outdoors.

Casual Clothing for Women A friend of mine asked once, so what are casuals exactly? Wikipedia says, ‘Casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity.’ It’s simple and so true. An ideal situation when we wear casuals is for a movie, picnic, and outings with kids and friends. So casuals include denim instead of pants, and flat ballerina’s instead of high heels. * Tops: Go for fancy tops such as sequins, silk, satin, lace, sheer. There are lots and lots of options to choose, from a variety of fabrics to styles. But always keep your roles, goals and body shape in mind. If you are top heavy, choose tops with normal V necks, or rectangular neck lines with soft fabrics; and if you are bottom heavy, then keep your denims plain but experiment with different types of tops. * Jacket: A cropped jacket looks really smart over a plain tee and denims. Denims, knit, and lace are few basic types of jackets available in the market. If you are bottom heavy, than buy jackets that end just below your thigh curve. * Accessory: Accessories are not only neckpieces and earrings any more. Get fancy belts, brooch, hair bands, etc to spice up your casual look. Any accessory that you buy will stay longer, than any piece of clothing, so it is wise to invest in good versatile pieces. Also you can always keep up the trend of season by glamorous accessories. So, if neon is the current trend, and you are not comfortable with neon shoes, bags, or clothes, then just have a hot pink belt, earrings, or a statement neckpiece. This way you don’t have to spend again and again, as fashion scene changes. * Shoes: Shoes are my favorites. I can never have enough of shoes. I would love to have a separate wardrobe just for shoes, but sadly, that is so not possible. If you are okay wearing heels, than have one pair in each size of heel, starting from ballerinas, and kitten heels, to high heels. For a picnic you can wear ballerinas, and for a movie night you can wear kitten heels. * Handbags: Go for a structured handbag, which looks both formal and classy. * Dresses: Summer dresses are fun to wear. If the dress is plain, than wear a tee above it, and it can double up as a skirt. Pair your summer dresses with jacket and cute heels, for a different look.

Fashion Tips For Wearing T-Shirts Tee shirts are such a rage amongst women, that stores across the world offer a range of colours, cuts, styles and shapes. Tees with messages, with designs, with symbols, some art and plain tee shirts, the list is so long that it’s best to leave the rest to imagination.T-shirts are important fashion statement for some which constitutes daily wear. Students and teens love to wear music T shirts. In order to achieve that perfectly casual look follow a few simple guidelines and you will look good with t-shirts. * Long arms or short sleeved? : Short sleeved T-shirts with folds or without give a dashing look while T shirts with long sleeves can convey a different effect. If you are short and muscular, the short sleeved one may be right for you while taller people can wear either. * Match T shirt to Body type : Sometimes it seems T shirts were designed for people with perfect torsos. This is not surprising since tennis players started the trend. If you have a perfect torso you can carry off a hugging t shirt with style. If you bulge around the middle, choosing a loose fit then it may give a boxy appearance but you can enhance it with the appropriate jeans. * Time of the Day : On a chilly day a T-shirt with a collar would be more appropriate in the morning while you can get by with an open necked T shirtf or summers. * Match T shirt to Clothing : The T shirt does not work in isolation. It forms part of an ensemble made up of your jeans, belt and shoes. Tall people may get away with wearing loose fitting T shirts and baggy jeans. Shorter people look better with a close fit T shirt and tight jeans for a compact, streamlined appearance. * Long or short : T shirts are available in various types. There are T shirts that end at the waist and there are T shirts that descend well below the hip. You can tuck in the T shirt or leave it hanging outside to convey a relaxed, casual style. * Match Colors and Personality : Red and black; blue and yellow; white and black are a few examples of extreme contrast looks you can achieve. How well does it suit your personality? Look at yourself in mirror attired in such contrast colors and then pick harmonious colors and see the effect. Better still; ask a friend to rate your looks. If you have the flair, you can carry it off, even a T -shirt with a large front print. * Don’t Be Sloppy : Whether it is form hugging clothes or loose fit relaxed style, be sure there are no wrinkles. How would you like it if people thought you had been sleeping in your clothes for two days? * With or Without Collars : If you have a muscular build and would like to show it off, a T shirt without collars and a deep neck may be the thing for you. Here again you can have a slightly more fashionable V neck or a rounded neck. T shirts with collars give you a different look. You can choose a T shirt with asymmetrical neck and button flaps to add a bit of spice to your style. * Fabric, Color, Quality : T shirts are available in a mind boggling array of colors, fabric types and qualities. A good wrinkle-free fabric that drapes well is to be preferred. Stick to a known manufacturer to make sure the colors do not fade and stitches do not come off. * Plain, printed, patterned? : Plain types convey a rather formal look whereas a music T-shirt does make you a bit younger. Bulky people would not look nice in a horizontally striped T-shirt as everyone knows this.  

Denny Rose Autumn Winter 2013 However cool shades like aquamarine and turquoise are also a part of this aesthetically rich collection. Skin fitted jeans, camouflage,leopard prints, tattoos inspired tights , floral tunics , graphics shirts and knitted scarfs are best for very attractive everyday look at the your fashion choices in this cold season with Italian brand Denny Rose.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Runway * Born April 9, 1963 (age 49) * New York City, New York, U.S. * Residence Paris, France * Nationality American * Education High School of Art and Design Parsons The New School for Design * Occupation Fashion designer * Awards Chevaliers of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres * Labels Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton Evening was particularly strong with bias-cut gowns with open backs mixed in with liquid metallic gowns that are begging to be flown out to Hollywood to the Oscars. The designer, clad in pajamas for his finale walk, created a thrilling presentation and a collection that we'll be thrilled to see in stores.

Salwar Kameez Tips For Our Indian Women * The kameez should be a little longer in height. It makes you look taller. If your height is around 5 feet 3 inches then your kameez height should be around 47 - 48 inches. * If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves. * If you have fat arms and therefore cannot wear sleeveless then go in for sleeves of about 5 inches length. This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner. * Salwar or shalwar can be worn in many styles. Styles keep changing with Trends. Recently big bottoms were in fashion and now short Kurtas Are back in vogue. * Chudidar looks good on long kameezs or Kurtas. * Avoid wearing them on short Kurtas. Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid it if you have broad shoulders. * Wear a shalwar around your naval area, as it will pull in your stomach. * If you have the tie strings on your side, it reduces the look of the paunch. * Tucks might be out of fashion but they give a very good cut to the Kameez. * .Avoid Organza or any stiff cloth if you want to look slimmer. * Dark colours like maroon, red, blue or brown look very good on dark women.

Kamarband Jewellery Designs Some of the traditional Indian jewellery ranges include juda pin, maang tika, payal, taira tikli, pagpans, armlet, hathful, bajuband, kamarband designs and many more.jewelry is the part of our life and we resemble a single piece of jewelry for every occasion and it is the perfection of our Indian culture.Indian culture and heritage in everyday lifestyle is highly defined with its richness perfectly enriched with a blend of fashion and ecstasy in its tone and flavors towards life. * Kamarband jewellery is one of the unique trinket patterns these days which have shown its presence over latest fashion trends. At all, it rules the bridal accessory designs as well as makes a moreover impact with models walking ramp wearing classic sari designs.It also increases the appeal of your glamor factor and feminine look. This exquisite piece of ornaments is worn around the waist and it rests along the delicacy of your waistline with ultimate appeal. Slim brides wearing intricately designed kamarband jewellery ranges looks stunningly gorgeous as well as it highlights the personality accompanying with traditional appeal for the occasion. * Not only just modern day brides but also girls in this age flaunt these traditional Indian jewellery designs like waistbands or kamarband jewellery ranges with ethnic tops and jeans. Well, one can also match up these jewelries with pencil fit jeans as well as latest designer rocking skirts. These examples are very much applauded with Bollywood heroines like Kareena Kappor, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shilpa Shetty, Rani Mukherjee and many more.

Fashion Trends 2013 Fashion trends for this year than to ask the fashion cognoscenti itself?your place to keep a track of what 2013 holds. If you're looking for all the year's fashion trends. Women dressing to show their power and influence is also anticipated to be a common fashion trend for spring 2013.

Tips on Good Dressing Sense Dressing reflects one’s personality because they easily identify and tell what kind of a person one is. It is very necessary to have a fashionable thinking in your dressing as fashion usually dictates you wear what is new, what is in style and what is trendy. It is very important to wear a dress which suits you more. A well dressed person is much appreciated in society. You just need to pay special attention to what suits your body, personality and lifestyle. Dressing sense doesn't only mean situation wearing of cloths but it also states the color combinations of your wear. Fashions also place a main role part of our clothing and dresses. It is important to dress suitably. By this we mean, you must understand your body size and shape so that you can dress to flaunt your body in the best possible way. Keep yourself updated on the latest fashion trends. Generally dresses are divided into casual wear, comfort wear, formal wear, and traditional wear. One should wear dresses of these kinds according to the occasion in which he is. It is equally important that you develop your own unique sense of style. So take opinions and suggestions, but let the decision be yours.

New Bridal Makeup and Style Today's brides are quite experimental with makeup. They prefer loud eye make-up like smokey eyes instead of basic bridal makeup. They proudly wear bright lip colours and carry it off pretty well the simple yet trendy route is what they are walking now on because looking fair is not their mantra of looking good; flaunting glowing skin and being comfortable in it is what they aspire for.

Fashion Tips for Young Girls Fashion is that popular practice or trend, which is different for kids, adults, males, females, and elderly. The important point to remember is that everybody should follow the trend that suits their age and personality. * One of the biggest problems that college girls face is finding ways to keep fresh and fashionable out look. There are few simple things to try that can help you find that balance, and that are easier than you might think. * The first thing for the fashion is to keep in mind while shopping is to try to buy individual pieces instead of complete outfits. Try to pick only comfortable clothes, as fashion is what is comfortable to wear. Not just the dress, but you should also be careful in picking up comfortable shoes. The most important in fashion wearing is that you have to keep up the latest trend. * Some of the accessories that you may like to buy include a wrist watch preferably with strap color that goes with your outfit, a pair of the latest fashion shoes, a stylish belt, scarf, and a pair of elegant earrings. Finally, the way to be most fashionable is to develop your own personal style first.

2013 Simply Beautiful Earrings Designs Earring Designs for Girls, Stylish Earrings Designs for Girls, Latest Earring Design Collection: A new trend has been started of designing a rings on your ear.here are some the latest designs of earring for girls.get you creative juices out and think of a special design you would like to embellish your ear with.        

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham Fashion Tips Bollywood Fashion Tips, Bollywood Fashion Tips Couples, Bollywood Celebs Fashion Tips: It’s all in the details when coordinating your outfits. Subtlety is the name of the game. Take a cue from how John Abraham and Bipasha Basu dress when going out together for a film premiere or for a music release party. They do not overdo the matching colors thing, because that can just make you look foolish. They, instead, dress in the same formal, stylish tone. If Bipasha is wearing a gorgeous, regal dress, John will be wearing a smart suit and not jeans and a bomber jacket. Of course, if you want to complement her clothes more, then add a subtle touch of the color she’s wearing to your outfit. Maybe you can wear a tie that has shades of the color she’s wearing.

Fashion Tips for Short Girls Short Teenage Girls Fashion Tips, Fashion Tips Short Girls, Fashion Tips for Girls: Even if you're not supermodel tall, you can still look fantastic in the latest fashions. Short women have some advantages in the fashion world. * You don’t need to don skintight dresses, but take into consideration that anything too slouchy or voluminous adds unnecessary bulk to your petite frame. When it comes to dresses, stick to column-styles and wear tops that just skim the body, and aren’t too big or tight. If your dress or top is a bit too slouchy, you can always… * It’s always been a challenge to find the perfect pair of pants for a short girl, but more and more companies are rolling out bottoms with shorter inseams to fix that problem. For the best proportions, you’ll want a fitted style with a slight flare, or boot-cut. * Have you seen the pictures of the Olsen twins carrying huge handbags? Not only does it look silly, but it’s also unflattering for petite figures. An extra-large handbag is very un-proportional to a small frame. Stick with the smaller handbags; they’re just as trendy. * While belts can run the risk of appearing to cut your body in half, a thin belt is better proportioned. If you’re short, and a little curvy, like me, thin belts are your best friend. I use them to keep billowy tops cinched in at the waist, to appear curvy, not bulky. * When it comes to dark colored shoes, you will absolutely want to avoid any ankle straps, because they make the ankle appear wider, instead of longer. If you’re wearing shoes in a nude shade similar to your skin, you should still be okay with a thin ankle strap. * One of the most fun fashion tips for short girls is to wear high-heeled shoes. Whether you’re comfortable in platforms or just want a bit of a lift, a pair of heels will physically make you taller. If heels aren’t you thing, then try wedges or booties. If you’re completely uncomfortable in heels, or the situation just doesn’t call for them, try to… * While we love the colorblock trend, it really can leave you looking blocky, with too many colors breaking up the silhouette. Try donning shades of a single color from head to toe to really elongate the silhouette and give the illusion of height. * No matter your height, you should always consider proportions when picking out a flattering outfit. For short girls, high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts create the look of longer legs and thus a taller silhouette.

Winter Fashion Tips for Women Winter Style Tips Women, Fall Winter Fashion Tips Women, Women's Fashion Tips Winter: I love winter. What’s not to love, no stickiness like the summer, and the messiness like rains. Plus in the winter my skin glows and there are so many weddings to flaunt the perfect glow. * Shawls:It is the ultimate winter essential for the sheer elegance it provides. Use it on a saree, or with tops or tunics. Get an original Pashmina, if you are going to use it to keep you warm. * Jackets :Aaahh, this is the piece of clothing that I love, but being a Mumbaikar we hardly have any winters. We all wait for the temperature to dip a little and out comes the jackets. Again jackets have multiple varieties like cardigan. The only differences between cardigan and jackets are the structured style and fabric. Jackets give a structured look and can be used in only western wear. * Sweater Dress:These are like long sweaters, and can be used as a dress with boots and/or with leggings. The style of the dress is important. So check that properly, because the fabric is going to be slightly on the heavier side. * Turtle Neck Sweater: Again this is a wardrobe classic. If you are heavy on the bust, then stay away from this style as it emphasizes the bust too prominently. Since the neck is closed, you can wear so many different neckpieces around. * Regular V Neck Sweaters: As the name suggests, they are regular, have been around since many years. Cricketers used to wear them in white earlier. If you have one than you are lucky, or steal from your dad’s closet. It suits all body types and styled in different ways. Use it to colour block with a different colour tee or vest inside, e.g.: a blue sweater and green tee. For afternoons, when it is slightly less chilly, use it as a top on your colored denims or pants. * Cardigans: This is the most versatile winter piece. You get cropped cardigans, waterfall cardigans, regular cardigans, and all other sorts. Open, close, wrap style, the list of style statements for the cardigan is endless. The choice of fabrics is infinite. Shrugs are milder forms of cardigans. This helps is camouflaging the midriff. While using a cardigan, choose the right kind of tees, or shirts or vest inside and choose correct length of cardigans. The benefit of cardigan is that it can be used for western and Indian wear. The rules are same as any third layer. 1 If you are bottom heavy, the length of your cardigan should be regular, i.e. it should cover half of your hip. 2 If you have midriff variation, avoid the side pocket cardigan or close button or any such design detail / fabric that can add bulk. 3 If you are petite, then you can opt for cropped cardigan. 4 Wrap cardigans can be used as tops.

Fashion Jewelry Care Tips Fashion Jewelry is any jewelry made to complement or suit a particular fashion outfit. Fashion Jewelry has a very short life span when compared to extravagant fine jewelry. It can tarnish and fade and it would look quite unattractive if not well cared for it. Always try to buy the best quality that you can afford. Keep your fashion jewels looking as fabulous as when you bought them with tips on how you care your fashion jewelry. * Avoid contact with water as it would affect the appearance of metal, stones, crystals and pearls and cause discoloration. * Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry continuously for days, especially in summer. The salt in your sweat could gradually erode the gold or silver plated layer on you jewel. * Never go swimming in your jewelry, chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage. * When you are not wearing the jewel always keep it in a jewelry box or pouch. * Do not wear lotion around your neck or wrists when wearing the fashion jewelry as it could tarnish the finish of the jewel. * Always store in a cool and dry place, and store separately in order to avoid scratching with other jewelries. * Clean your jewelry regularly by using a professional cleaning product. * Spraying perfumes directly on your fashion jewelry could do lot of damages to it. * Before placing it your jewel box, wipe it with a soft cloth to get rid off dirt and sweat. * Make sure that you are gentle when cleaning your jewelry. If you use a toothbrush, make sure that it is soft and not scratchy.