Winter Make Up Red Lips

Make Up Trends Red Lips, Winter Red Lips, Red Lips For Winter: Red lips are back this season and the redder you go, the hotter you look.Now for people a little more advanced, go ahead and mix it up.

Remember, the rules are only made to guide you but the reality is that you can wear any shade as long as you match it with some confidence. A blue-based red against a chocolate skin works very well for a bold and daring look.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips To make a matte shade shine, simply add clear gloss to the center of the lips.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips To take away shine from a glossier lipstick, sweep some translucent powder over the lips.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips To add sparkle, apply a loose iridescent eye shadow over lips with a fluffy shadow brush.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips Still not convinced red is your thing? Try simply lining your lips with a rose lip liner and pair it with a cherry stained lip balm. This will get you comfortable with colour on your lips and is practical enough for everyday wear.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips I encourage you to go outside you’re comfort zone this season and play around with this flirty look. When it comes to red lipstick, remember to be fearless and just have fun .

* Winter Make Up Red Lips Cover your lips with a thin layer of liquid or cream based concealer. Make sure to take away the natural pigment of your lips.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips Line your lips with a lip liner of the exact shade, or one shade deeper than the lipstick you have purchased. Try not to go over your lip line, as this could end up looking clownish.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips Using a lip brush, fill in your lips with the lipstick. Be generous and coat them in fully.

* Winter Make Up Red Lips Take a bit of concealer and cover up any slips that may have happened around corners of the mouth to ensure perfect precision and avoid that “I just finished eating like a slob” look.